2018 / 2019 KartPulse Sim Racing Challenge (or hangout)

Let’s try to get something e-racing going in the off season for fun. See the poll below to vote for two of your favorite sims.

It can be either something you already have, or something you might consider buying. You can change your votes at a later stage if you’d like to. Also, we’re not necessarily doing a karting series… it depends on where the group takes it. For example, In 2017 we did Formula Mazda in Forza.

Pick two from the following. Voting Closes 2018-10-19

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Why not Forza 7 or F1 2018, so we could play the latest XBOX games?

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I am console bound as I have zero interest in setting up a gaming PC. That being said I was sub 6 (I think 5:20ish) at Nurburgring in formula -A in project cars. Given how insane it is to SIM that kind of speed, the recent Porsche record is unbelievable. Mr. Bernhardt’s 5:19 is just plain wow.

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Mainly because I’m clueless on the latest stuff…
Updated the poll

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Basically just say Forza or Project cars or whatever. We can work out who has what later.

I think work it out now, that way people can look at the trend and decide if they want to purchase something. I don’t have many of these, but if there’s a consensus, I’ll buy one.

I had to nuke the poll and replace it…
Please vote again…

Iracing is really good for hopping in a race with real people anyday but I personally don’t like the physics as much. Also for the budget people cost will be higher having a subscription and buying the individual cars / tracks.

I just installed project cars 2 and the graphics are amazing I think that’s good for the immersion. I haven’t had time to race it yet but for others I hear the immersion is better but not as hard as iracing a little too much assist but that may keep people in. On the plus side cost of product is less and you get all the tracks and cars but it is very demanding on the cpu and gpu very demanding!

There’s also assetto corsa.

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iRacing takes a pretty healthy commitment to be competitive.
Did you vote yet (you can update you vote before the poll closes)

So far looks like Project Cars 2 is the favored choice


It’s a solid sim game

Dudes - you need to change your votes to rFactor. Do it now.

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I am going to be interested if James is going to buy the game that people vote on to be moderator for these events. :wink:

At this rate I’ll have yo buy a graphics card too if it goes to CARS… and literally just bought one :joy:

Pcars runs great on Xbox one so I am guessing you don’t need the latest card to run it.

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GTX 1050 from what I gather. I just a got a GTX750Ti. But it was DOA, so I’ll send it back and see if they have a 1050.

Actually scratch that. It says GTX260 as minimum. Must have been another sim I tried to fire up.

Are any of these games cross platform multiplayer, as in, Windows PC, PS4, & XB1 players can all play against each other? How did you guys play last year if someone did not have the same console?


That’s an important point I haven’t considered…

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