2019 Road Race Schedules For Sprint and Laydown Karts

Draft calendar of races for the 2019 road race season. 90% complete as of 3/5/19 .

Randy Fulks at Mid Ohio 2017, Photo by Christian Marsh.

2019 Road Race Schedules For Sprint and Laydown Karts

KART (Karters of America Racing Triad)

Date Details
April 6th - 7th Lake Afton
May 10th - 12th Gateway
May 31st - June 2nd Hallett
June 29th - 30th Lake Garnett
July 20th - 21st Motorsport Park Hastings
August 16th - 18th Heartland Park Topeka
September 7th - 8th Lake Afton
November 8th - 10th NCM Motorsport Park

CES (Championship Enduro Series)

Date Details
May 10th -12th Gateway with KART and WKA
June 1st -2nd Blackhawk
June 14th -16 th Mid Ohio with DKC
July 12th -14th Grattan with AKRA
August 16th -18th Heartland with KART
September 7th -8th Gingerman
November 8th -10th NCM with WKA

WKC (Woodbridge Kart Club)

Date Details
April 13th-14th Shenandoah Circuit at SPR
June 22nd Charlotte Motor Speedway
July 13th -14th Shenandoah Circuit at SPR
August 24th -25th Summit Point Raceway Shared with FRP
September 28th -29th Pittsburgh International Race Complex

NCK (North California Karters)

Date Details
November 24th (2018) (2019 Points Race #1) Sonoma Raceway
February 23th -24th Laguna SecaCorkscrew Nationals
May 6th (Monday) Thunderhill 3 Mile
June 29th Thunderhill 2 Mile
August 26th (Monday) Thunderhill 3 Mile
October 21th (Monday) Thunderhill 3 Mile
November 30th (2020 Points Race #1) Sonoma Raceway

AKRA (American Kart Racing Association)

Date Details
May 17th - 19th Nelson Ledges - DKC/ AKRA
June 14th -16th Mid Ohio - DKC
July 12th -14th Grattan Mi - CES
August 23rd -25th Cannan NH - NHKA
September 7th-8th Gingerman - CES
September 28th-29th Pittsburgh International - DKC

ICP (In City Prints) Road Race Series

Date Details
May 11th O.R.P. (Grass Valley, OR)
June 1st The Ridge Motorsports Park (Shelton, WA)
June 22nd Pacific Raceways (Kent, WA)
July 20th O.R.P. (Grass Valley, OR)
September 7th Spokane County Raceway (Spokane, WA)
October 11th Portland International Raceway (Portland, OR)


Date Details
December 27th -30th, 2018 Daytona Kartweek, Daytona International Speedway
March 8th -10th Roebling Road Raceway with the Southern Kart Club (SKC), Bloomingdale, GA
May 10th -12th Gateway Motorsports Park, together with C.E.S., Madison, IL
June 21st -23rd Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval, together with Woodbridge Kart Club, Concord, NC
August 16th -18th Heartland Park, together with K.A.R.T., Topeka, KS
November 8th -10th NCM Motorsports Park, together with K.A.R.T. and CES, Bowling Green, KY
December 27th-30th Daytona International Speedway

DKC (Dart Kart Club)

(Count 5 of 6. Must enter 4 minimum.)

Date Details
May 17th -19th Nelson Ledges Garrettsville, OH - DKC
June 14th -16th Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Lexington, OH - DKC
September 28th -29th Pittsburgh Int’l Race Complex Wampum, PA - DKC

Kart Track Days with RPM

To inquire about these events: late night arrival, format, scheduling or other questions send email to Robert Lawson at [email protected]

Date Details
April 13th - 14th Grattan Raceway, MI (cancelled)
Oct 13th MIS Michigan International Speedway, MI (Tentative)

Would like to see the Google map for this and even a google calendar.

Go for it :joy:

Still a couple of schedules left looks like.

OK how about pining it, hard to find.
Should a sprint one be created as well?

enduro.kartpulse.com will be redirected to it when it’s more complete. Although the enduro term is confusing to anyone outside of the 1000 people that run road races.

Capturing the data for sprint would be cool. I dislike the idea of having a long list of text for people to have to dig through, but if that’s the best we can do for now, so be it.

Who’s going to collect that info for sprint is my next question.

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Agreed in that the term Enduro congers up at least an eight hour race, with 12 or 24 hour more likely. That they happen to be held on a road race circuit is coincidental.

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I’ve made an executive decision to call “enduro” karts laydown/luge from here on out.
I think it’s best we don’t confuse newcomers to either karting, or road racing at the outset.

Let’s leave the confusion for later :joy:

We’re working on a google calendar. Hope to have it done by end of the week.

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