2021- L0206 Kart List (by $$$)

After some hunting and pecking, I was able to build a list of L0206 karts by several manufacturers. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, and some of the kart prices include shipping, where some do not. But when I checked shipping across say 1,000 miles, I got a quote of $140 which could be added to the price for those who don’t offer free shipping. None of these prices include tires, but I believe they all come with L0206 engines.

Might get folks into the “ball park” as far as pricing goes for a new kart. I thought it might be helpful for those like me who are looking into the sport but have no idea what the basic cost of entry entails as far as the cart itself is concerned.

Now I cannot speak to build quality, but I’m sure some seasoned racers here can chime in on that one based on their experience. All I can gleam from this list, is it would be expensive to crash, lol.

I’m pretty sure that the CRG FS4 price you have there is just the chassis and not including the engine.

This is which the engine and…

This is without the engine

Also the Italkart price that you have listed doesn’t match the price I found on their website

Thanks for chiming in, I thought the price on that one was too low.

Yeah I was like no way :joy: you got me excited for a split sec with the price for that CRG

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pretty sure the retail on the Quattro is 4400. I bought one but i have no clue what i paid, i try to forget those things.

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You missed the big dog, the Lefty Nitro. Just under $4k https://nitro-kart.myshopify.com/collections/chassis/products/nitro-kart-full-size-chassis-4-cycle-left-engine

The lefty nitro does not include the LO206 motor though on that website, that price is just for the rolling chassis

Yes. Most of what you have listed is just the kart. Add another $800-$1000 for engine and clutch.

I am stealing this from you.


Really cool idea, BTW. I am buying a Margay Ignite from basically a rental program Daytona weekend, so sorta like buying a kart after Supernats from a team. Anyways, its $3750 for that, which seems on the fully priced end of a used kart, but in presumably pristine condition, minus a weekends wear and tear. It would have been new going into the weekend.

Well mine wasn’t off the shelf. Mine is a black chassis. With dynamica bodywork and amv wheels. So not the typical order from them.


If you scroll down you will find the prices of some of the race ready LO206 kart packages. Another brand that isn’t included that is pretty decent is TBKart

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Yeah after the first race it seems that the cost of the kart goes down quite a bit, like 500-1000 dollars. Definitely good deal if you can find a used almost new kart

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Here is where I got my CKR from.

Also, I think that the Praga never sells for retail. If you can find a dark, they come in at about 4k

Private seller used package is typically in the $1500-2500 range, no sales tax, but closer to $3000 from a dealer (msquared, italian motors are in this range). If you hypothetically own for 1-2 years, you can resell it for relatively close to what you paid. So, if you’re talking kart only, your entry costs can be kept fairly low.

That said, the stuff other than the kart adds up surprisingly quickly. Apparel (suit, gloves, shoes) and safety equipment (helmet, rib protector, neck brace) easily exceed $1k. And we haven’t started counting things like the kart stand, trailer, tools, parts, etc. In my case, all these “extras” cost more than the kart itself, which I didn’t expect.

AK Kart USA’s KA-LO chassis is $3,995, with discounts available.

Go make some friends. Typically a 10% discount is readily available if you know the dealer or if they have one in stock from buying two.

The least expensive karts made by a major manufacturer for 206 racing are the EvoKart (CRG), Mac Minarelli (Righetti), and the Praga Evo Dark (IPK). All of them should be available for a price starting with a “2” if you call the right dealer.

The Praga Dark can be bought for $2500 brand new with you doing the assembly/no motor/no mount/no tires/chain/sprocket.

Which is basically how I would like to buy a kart anyways so that works for me.

Who’s selling $2500 Praga Darks?

AMP will sell you a kart not assembled for that.

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Race factory also has a 206 offering now as well

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