2022 Birel Art?

Hey guys, I’m going to look at a 2022 Birel Art - RY30 S14/KA100 package with my friend who is looking for a kart. I only know about my ‘22 Exprit/VLR and would like some feedback about the chassis from those who are familiar with it. I seems to be popular so I’m thinking it’s as good as anything to learn karting with but have nothing to base it on. Any idiosyncrasies with that chassis? Thanks!

I drove one several times this summer when coaching. The BirelART stuff has a really strong front end. Feels slightly stiffer than an OTK but definitely still a very good kart without any real quirks that I could find.

As with any chassis check the bottom for road rash. With the Compkart version which are very similar, I would check the frame very closely around the bearing carriers for cracks and the seat stays especially if the seat is either really small or large where the bars have been bent to accommodate. If you have lazers you can do a quick check if the front seems out of wack. On the motor…how much time is on it? More than 12 hours you can also plan a complete refresh of the top end and maybe the bottom too.

Thanks TJ and Robert! If it is clean and he buys it, he plans to have the engine rebuilt. Appreciate the feedback!