2022 USPKS Round 1 @ Orlando Official Discussion Thread

Figured i’d take the pressure off the wiley vet @tjkoyen by starting our discussion thread for USPKS Round 1 at Orlando! Here’s the links below to follow along. Same format for our show – Qualy, Heats, LCQ free, Main Events behind the monthly subscription paywall.

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Friday | Qualifying: https://youtu.be/N_0Po9-TrQk
Saturday | Day 1 Pre Finals & LCQs: https://youtu.be/HXE6OlT23iA
Saturday | Main Events: https://youtu.be/le9139prRoM
Sunday | Day 2 Pre Finals & LCQs: https://youtu.be/lKaf1Ed_9A0
Sunday | Day 2 Main Events: https://youtu.be/AXpDNQ_ZEe4


Thanks in advance for great coverage. Many of our PNW friends and out of state/east coast family is stoked they can watch some of the action.

Forest is of course ready to see his KC buddies as well.

See you all Wednesday/Thursday


Going to be a massive event, excited to watch this one. Competition will be tough!

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Can’t wait to get down there! First single-speed race for me since 2014 :grimacing:


Good luck! Let us how many times you reach out with your right hand over the weekend!

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Lol, fortunately I haven’t made that blunder yet, but I DO find myself wanting more front brake :laughing:


quick question for the event?
i saw that ka and x30 jr now run 2 sets do we just put on a new set for each qualifying session?

Correct. You’ll run a set of tires for saturday qualy, unbolt, put on a set for Sunday qualy, and then unbolt those and forget about them until the Sunday Pre Final.

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This will be my son’s first national event! Hopefully he doesn’t get too caught up in the micro madness.


It should be a great experience for you both. This is our first USPKS, but my son has run a couple big races now.

Most of the micro/mini madness is the crazy parents, but obviously first round after a long winter for many means it could get extra scrappy.

I tend to learn as much about tuning and he does about driving at these so enjoy the entire experience.

Welcome to the big show!

Like Mike said, it’s really not that bad. Lots of seat time in this weekends, and most of all it gives you both so much confidence for when you go back home to run club and regional races. After standing on a grid of 40+, even a grid of half of that at a lower level of the pyramid seems like a cake walk.

Proper effort in quali @olivier.p, P5 overall. :+1:


Lemke badass as usual! Jeremy Fletcher right behind, no surprise.

@olivier.p bit of a tough run there in the pre. Keep your head down and stay calm, looks like you got roughed up and never really recovered. Lots of laps to get back up there, just be smart and don’t get caught up in shenanigans.

@Muskabeatz looks like he is starting to get his mojo back out there. Those old guys are tougher than you’d think!

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Remote coaching from TJ!
There’s an opty I hadn’t thought of for the coverage.

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When they implement the on-board cameras I’m going to request they go on my drivers so I can coach from the couch.


@olivier.p you’re opening up the entry too much in the final corner and really inviting lunges there. Your exit is good but I think you need to turn in sooner but a little slower to make it less tempting for others to throw it down the inside.

Thanks for the shoutout @tjkoyen ! Slowly relearning how to drive a non-gearbox kart. Chassis is getting better, so hopefully I can make some moves in the final. Starting P4.

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Looked decent in that pre-final, keep trucking!

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