2023 Formula 1 Season: Official Discussion Thread

It feels like the Aston is starting to close up on the Red Bull now with the upgrades. Would’ve been interesting to see how close Fernando could’ve stuck to Max if he didn’t have to lift and coast all the time.

This might be the part of the season where the wind tunnel penalty starts to hurt Red Bull. But that car and Max are so dialed in, it doesn’t matter much. Max could still win every race to the end of the season.

It is indeed just getting into that. The pundits on the feed I get here were saying RB wind tunnel restriction not only limited how many hours they could spend but also included a clause that all their tunnel time must be used by the end of this month. Although, Adrian Newey can pretty much look at a part and run it through the wind tunnel in his head :joy:

Watch Aston and Merc close the gap during the rest of the season, looking forward to it.


Let us enjoy Guenther as a hockey star

I’m a high performance athlete, toot toot:

Deal for Formula 1 Team Reflects Growing U.S. Interest in the Sport

The actor Ryan Reynolds, the private equity firm RedBird Capital and Otro Capital are among the investors taking a stake in Renault’s Alpine team.

To the best of my knowledge, Seb has no involvement but here he is anyways.


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This sprint has been the best 24 laps of the season

We had an actual pass for the lead…

Not that it lasted long.

If you watch racing to see who will win the race, F1 isn’t for you.

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The emotional rollercoaster of cheering for Hulk in that one. Thought maybe in the Sprint the Haas could hang onto its tires just long enough, but still a strong drive with spectacular opening laps. Legitimately on pace with Perez and barely slower than Max in those open 8 laps or so!

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I’m ticked off the Xfintiy Stream App is down and I cannot watch the race!

The race was pretty good, minus the track limits nonsense.

Agreed on the actual driving (other than some of the karate chopping on the straights), but I have to say that all of the bitching on the radios is getting REALLY old. STFU and drive; that’s what you’re paid to do (or what daddy paid for you to be able to do). :roll_eyes:


It is really good to see the current level in F2. The last few years were disappointing, but now we see Vesti, Pourchaire, Leclerc, Martins, Novalak, Iwasa, Doohan, Hauger and others, it is very stacked at the front of the field.

EDIT : What the f is happening with the williams ? The car works


That Williams is hooked up. That special livery must be worth some time. Even Logan is putting it up there.

As always at Silverstone, there could be some massive tire deg in the race. I predict Haas brings up the rear as they make an extra stop to keep their tires from exploding…


Did Sargeant get the updates this round? Assuming so with the speed.

It’s only practice but this is by far the best he and the car have looked. Hoping he can put a race together.

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Yes, I’m pretty sure Sargeant has the upgrades now as well.

So we come to my favorite race of the year, I love Silverstone (raced karts there at the GP for many years). Hopefully we will get some good racing from second place back, might as well give Max the 1st place trophy now! I think there will be some good stuff happening in the mid field. Nice to see Williams up there.


Loving the F2 sprint. Some really good moves going on.

Fun conditions for qualifying!

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Well that was cool. Lando absolutely on it and cool to see Oscar up there too. That second tier below Red Bull is getting crowded… and I think they are gaining on Red Bull too now.

Well done Lando, passes for the lead AND leads many laps. Sort of a real race today.

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Lando leading was epic and I was surprised how long he and Piastri hung onto Max’s rear wing after, and how they gapped Leclerc. Great weekend for McLaren.

It was a bit boring then until that last safety car restart. Crazy how the Mclarens made the hard tire work, I thought for sure they were screwed and based on Lando’s radio he thought the same…

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