2023 SKUSA Winter Series Homestead-Miami 2 | Official Thread

The 3rd Stop of our ‘Pro National’ Tour has us back in Homestead-Miami for Rounds 3 & 4 of the SuperKarts! USA Winter Series!

As with last month and for all SKUSA Races this year, these are FULLY free-to-view!

Saturday | Round 3: 2023 SKUSA Winter Series | Round 3 | Homestead-Miami, FL - YouTube
Sunday | Round 4: 2023 SKUSA Winter Series | Round 4 | Homestead-Miami, FL - YouTube

KC Fantasy League entries will open later this week, entry list to follow.

Here’s some KP Forums Notables:

  • Noel Leon, Tomass Stolcermanis absent, neither likely to return until Vegas Season in November
  • Only the NASH and PSL factory drivers have competed since Rds 1 &.2, so both squads entire with more seat time than the rest of the top guns

Running the track in the opposite direction this week. You’ll see less last corner moves, but you’ll probably also see none of the games to finish a Pre Final in 3rd instead of 2nd like we saw at round 1 as well.


@XanderClements appreciate the preview and looking forward to the race weekend


…Leon showed up…

…and Austin Garrison turned it up today!

Sure seemed like everyone was going hard at it in the pre finals yesterday. Did SKUSA change the points for pre finals, or was everyone really that concerned with starting position for the final?

Your luck on reporting who is/isn’t showing up isn’t great this year :joy:

Sunday’s X30 main was a bit more boring. Turney looked fully in control, like he was cruising. Obviously his credentials speak for themselves, but I was impressed with him. He never looked flustered and was very smart about when to give and take. Driven like someone who knew exactly what he had and what he was capable of.

Norberg was pushing 11/10s trying to get another shot at him but was just the tiniest bit off Turney’s pace. You could see Ryan with the bit between his teeth, tucking, getting a bit ragged on corner exits. He was wringing the kart’s neck.

He actually had caught Joe with 3 to go, he was pushing hard and 50/50’d the exit curb of the last hairpin and lost him, if it wasn’t for that he would’ve had a shot. Joe had made a mistake that same lap which made Ryan push harder, and just a tiny bit too much.

It’s crazy on the lap charts. From lap 9 to the end, with the exception of a mistake on lap 20, every lap from Joe Turney was faster than the entire rest of the field’s fastest lap save for Ryan. Norberg was the same from lap 10 to the end, except lap 20 as well. Turney coming to the US really pushed Ryan to drive at a level we hadn’t seen this weekend in terms of raw pace. Garrison was similar, I think had he not gotten shuffled off at the start and killed his tires getting back to third he would’ve stuck with them and made it even more interesting.


Having raced a fair bit with Garrison, there was a reason I keep picking him for my Fantasy Picks. When he’s on it, he’s extremely good.

Last time I raced with him we were shuffling each other for P25 at USPKS GoPro until we both pulled in because we sucked. Bad weekend for both of us.

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Nice to have a bit of a rivalry going on, was actually worth tuning in for. Something which is desperately lacking at FIA level, which is just forgettable in the OK classes. Nice to see Joe race adults and not actual children for a change.


Racing children is bad for morale. They are so light.

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I was surprised that Ryan didn’t try and really back the field up early in the race but was happy to see them try and go one on one instead. Along with Garrison the 3 pros were certainly the class of the field this weekend and should lead into a really exciting SKUSA and USPKS season

So at USPKS Pre Finals are only 25% of a final in points. 50 to win versus 200 points.

I think a lot of guys assumed the same here, and then realized at SKUSA they are 50%, at 100 points to win a Pre Final.

I really enjoyed Joe & Ryan battling it out. Too bad for Garrison indeed. It could have been a great 1,2,3 fight.
Looking forward to more of this.

Thanks Xander

Sounds like we’ll get him stateside for a good bit of our season so long as it doesn’t conflict with what KR wants him to do in Europe. In talking with Joe, he had a great experience as a whole here and enjoyed the challenge of running against Ryan and Roli along with Austin and Speed. Was cool to see his personality start to show more this month too after just meeting him in January. Having guys like him make my job easy!


Seriously considering watching Kart Chaser on mute the rest of the year due to the overuse of this term :joy: @XanderClements

:memo: :saluting_face:

Adding it to the “stop saying this phrase so much it’s repetitive” mental list I have. Haha


KC Fantasy League Results are in!

Looks like I’m giving the house away as we had a 7-way tie!

This week’s winning roster:

  • Ryan Norberg
  • Joe Turney
  • Austin Garrison
  • Alessandro De Tullio
    Rookie Pick
  • Ayden Ingratta

Embrace it.

People make fun of me at the track all the time now because every post I make about my results on social media I always comment how I have “good pace” but “didn’t get the result”, so now I make SURE to emphasize my “GOOD PACE” every chance I get.


At the very least, copywrite it and monetize it:

Kart Chaser: Where raw pace gets seared ™

Overall your team is doing a tremendous job. It’s great to see the development of the other commentators such as Emory and Alexander, as each contributes a unique perspective that they should continue to lean into.