2024 Indycar - Season Discussion

Agreed. Bring back Belle Isle.

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Soooo not a lot happening in IndyCar off track right now….:eyes:

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So happy to see David land on his feet at MSR. They’ve got a strong program. Shame for Blomqvist, but he’s been pretty disappointing.

Canapino getting benched is WILD. I mean, his fan base is sooo “passionate” that something had to happen at some point. If your fans start sending death threats to your technical partner team, that’s generally considered not good. Now the bad behavior is actively affecting the team. I think Ricardo had some patience for those bad fans but Hollinger seems like the one who is done with it. And Canapino seems equally “passionate” as his countrymen.

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Did Malukas take his ride?

Malukas took Tom Blomqvist’s seat

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Was at the race today, always a pleasure to visit Road America for anything. This was my little dude’s first car race. He wasn’t totally stoked on it… liked seeing the cars but the noise kinda freaked him out and he was bored and ready to leave before the warm up lap ended :sweat_smile: But he got to meet Daly and Kirkwood on the grid before the race. Neither of them got a fist bump from him… he’s a tough one to crack.

Convinced him to stay and we sat in the car and watched in the Carousel to the end. I asked if he wanted to leave a few times and he kept telling me he wanted to stay until the race was over so we could see if “your friend in the pink car (Kirkwood) wins” :joy:

So I didn’t get to hang with my friends or drink beers or wander the grounds as much as I normally do, but it was fun having my boy there with me. Oh! And he got a free McLaren hat from one of the team guys. The guy wandered by and saw Fletch in his wagon and handed him a free hat.


With the Indycar / Fox 2025 schedule out with overlapping dates for the World Wide Technology Race and Le Mans in conflict, I wonder how many drivers will bail that weekend.

If they’re under contract to an Indycar team, i doubt they’d be bailing for Lemans