2024 NASCAR Season Discussion


Think about it …

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well coca cola 600 was a short race coz of the rain !!

I didnt watch the best race of the world yes , but it wasnt the worst either . The rain had make the race really a short time one and i am wondering why they did not postpone it so we can have a complete race pack ?

and if in nascar races start to rain . is it any options about continue the race with raining tire on ?

i did enjoy the ceremony at the start with the bag pipes but a vise president is present at the video so i didnt post it here because of politics kartpulse laws .

so Charlotte live me somekind of a mediocre race feeling .

that could be a great one if the drivers put their rain tires on and complete the 600 race .

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well Illinois 300 was an enjoyable ride !

we got plenty of midpack action and also we had the terrible surprise 2 laps before the end to see Blaney looses first place just because was out of fuel !!

the other thing is that Fords are starting to get more and more pontiums places . i believe its an 1 , 2 , and 3 place "ford " race right here .

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It was kinda a mess of a race. Two leaders giving up for a random Cindric win.

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I’ve got lots of time for SVG, but this move was a pure podding :smiley:

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Looked like a standard NASCAR Pass. Given the history between those 2, there was 0 chance SVG let him off without it.


well sonoma was a great race !! boy , i enjoy those racetracks types in nascar . Truex was unlucky coz he did a good race overall but thats racing my baby .

i dont have any complains about that cup round . a good race to watch !

@Stamatis125 , you ever seen any of the smaller oval stuff?

The banked smaller ovals are pretty bananas. Also, dirt oval is crazy at the top level. There’s a series called World of Outlaws that races dirt sprint cars with all sorts of horsepower.

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I was so mad :rofl:
I´m rooting for Kyle Busch and Ross Chastain…

Watched till the end of the race which was around 1 am here, had to get up for work at 6.
Only to see Kyle loose more and more positions as he gets closer to the finsh and Ross crashing him in the last lap.
That sucked… :smile:

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I think we need a track like that in karystos but with karts dirt style . Maybe in the future .

That stuff is exactly me if i was living in the states ! I will start a program next year here with karting week end rental. As a first move to see if eny interest will seen . And if goes good , then only the sky is the limit dom .

Im dreaming fast .

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All it takes is some land and a backhoe! (And money and time and…)

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I want it to be perfect and i will work for it .

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A good dirt track is 20% design and 80% the material used to compose the track. It’s a whole semi dark science that is interesting.

So that would be key….

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well i have a friend here and we are on the talks now . he has the land . i have the dream , but i am still dont have decided on what kind of a track i want to work for it .

i believe step one is to see if local interest will show up from the easy to create a program with visits and training to near by tracks around us . If i see that there is people willing to envolve in that kind of racing , then yes , it is worth the time and money . and yes , if i start something like that here . Kartpulse fellowship , i mean all of us we have to help me around when it come in the technical race track stuff

I can put you in touch with Scott Monison. He made a proper oval. Maybe he can answer some questions.

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Happy Paramount Network GIF by Yellowstone

I’ll take that as a yes. Ok cowboy.

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Mr. Zisch in the headlines…


I will keep my eye on connor for sure james …

Crews and Zilisch both have amazing potential given how young they are and how quickly they can adapt to different cars and disciplines. And of course they both were extremely talented karters.