2024 NASCAR Season Discussion

Two things:

  1. I wonder what shorts Stenhouse will be wearing.
  2. Breaking up these fights just gets more people hurt. it’s time for a boxing ring at the races, the driver that wishes to call another out goes to the ring and announces the callout. Drivers are supplied with safety gear (or leave car helmets on and wear gloves) and duke it out.

For number 2 I do wonder how many drivers have some CTE brewing though.


Ultimate Warrior Fitness GIF

Help me Oprah Winifrey!

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I had to see talladega nights thats for sure !!

It’s been proposed quite a few times.

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well Ricky Rudd made it to get in the legends of all time , and that was good news on the radio on the way to work today .

The rooster has made it !


What do you think about the penalties? $75k is steep!

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Unnecessarily steep, and one sided??? I do see NASCARs point that waiting that long and then fighting being a higher fight but it seems excessive.

As a spectator i can clearly see that nascar almost promotes and also trying to get popularity from those post race fights . If you want to stop that , you dont make a video of it and publish it . Thats my oppinion. And both drivers had to be fined if fine had to happen

Indeed. And a lot of NASCARs fans and drivers are pointing out the hypocrisy.

Oval seems to be more inclined to end up in some sort of brawl. Same in iracing.

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Charlotte 600 race is official a sold out ticket one .
Gonna be fun to watch live . And the memorial day weekend make it even more emotional heavier to win it or even just watch it as a fellow human being who understands the meaning of duty .

God speed America .

Lets enjoy our racing weekends .

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What do you think about … has to drive more dirty ??

More aggressive yes . But more dirty in a dirty way ??

Is it checkers or wreckers a thing that defines nascar still? Or just the profile of some drivers ?

Ehh I’ve seen some pretty spirited F1 confrontations! But I do think fighting is more engaged overall in oval racing / American Motorsport.

Stewart HAAS likely to completely divest out of the sport.


Absolutely HUGE if true :eyes:

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Not 2024 (Rather it’s 2007) working with Green Light Racing at Milwaukee. I’m far right. I have one from Road America too. Nothing special work wise, just general moving stuff around, catching tires and setting up computer stuff. I like doing it because I’d rather work than spectate. If anyone knows an indy team that needs a mule… LMK



Such a baby face in 2007!

Great photo .

The mule and the mustache is something i need to talk about . Im thinking a mustache is my step one .

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I wish you a happy memorial day over there sir !


I am not following one bit :joy: