2024 NASCAR Season Discussion

I dont like kyle till now . I can see clear that he knows how to drive those things but something hold me and i cant cheer for him .

That’s the power of NASCAR, a lot of drivers to cheer for!

He was widely hated for years for various antics and tantrums, but is widely considered one of the best of the past 20 years.

Lately with his switch to RCR he’s become more popular, albeit this year not very successful.

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Darlighton gonna be throwback classic paint schemes for the cars race !!

And look at Ellis colour … i wish he could hit that top ten finish he is chasing so many years !

Dat livery is fast !! Smile :smiley:


well darlinghton was an enjoyable race !! the last 10 laps had everything and its the first victory for a ford car this season ! extra coloured race with those throwback liveries also .

I was impressed from the help that Brad Keselowski took from his teammate at the end laps .

the race let me with a good flavour .


Good! That’s what NASCAR racing should be….

Also spoken as a very biased BK fan.


Found my new favorite NASCAR team:

@Stamatis125 i believe it’s an ice cream brand…: we have these ice cream sandwiches here like on his suit.

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οοοhh my lord … i am loving it … i will find the whole livery and bring it here so we can see together … maybe a colour scheme for the next kart in house here ???

thank you for keep it this thred alive dom .

well that is a sweet sweeeet car right here . the livery is from 2021 . but it hits home hard ! dome !

I see a NASCAR pick up and Dirt Oval sprint car as well!

we are gonna see that colours in a kart and thats a commitment over here .

Wash down the Fat Boy ice cream sandwich with a cold can of Mello Yello.

Don’t forget to add some crunch with Dee’s Nuts

Well just warming up our engines coz north wilkesboro is a classic comeback speedway racetrack ,

and it needs good company an a cold beer to watch the action !

I love those black livery colours from the past .
Picture also from Wilkesboro racetrack .


They also have an elevated victory lane, where they bring the car up on top of a building for the celebration. They re Invigorated the original lift during the remodel.

Not sure if Indy or Wilksboro had that first originally.

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well i didnt lose some good night sleep for nothing here coz North wilkesboro had a lot !! door to door action checked .
first lap drama . checked .
a good old fashioned fight on the post race . checked .

i didnt like to see Rick finaly snap with Kyle but man … bush knows how to dodge a punch ! and the reaction is a honest one .

I have read many complains about short track like " this that they belong to the past and souldnt be on the calendar any more"

but my oppinion is that they have to be in . I believe short tracks is an opportunity for the drivers with the less powered cars to be on top ten and there is more room for suprises .

north Wilksboro as a racetrack had that something in the atmosfere that makes Nascar races what it is and i am all in for that and love in it .

that was a good race and Logano was clearly a clean winner of the night . I realy Like Joey It makes me cheer for him everytime he got him self in the first place . Cool driver and nice person i believe

I love short tracks. Lately the next gen isn’t the best car for good racing on the but hopefully they figure that out.

The fight was a bit much but it shows how passionate everyone is

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Let the memes commence!

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i will get my self ready for some first laps drama again . Charlotte gonna be wild …

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Well at least they are honest with themselves and each other.

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