2024 NASCAR Season Discussion

Kansas will be a good and wet race ???

Unlikely. This was in 2018.

Lately it’s been a bit of a meme though that inclement weather follows NASCAR races.

How did I get tagged in this question? Is it because I have lived the majority of my life in the South? Or is Dom just egging me on to Wax Poetic about the nuances of the options suggested? I don’t even follow Nascar.

Well Dom, here you go…

First off, I have come to dislike labels. I feel like they pigeon hole you into a specific group that may or may not fully encompass your personality or you may have characteristics of more than one group, but have been lumped into a single group by some arbitrary action. Take myself for example. My Mom is from upstate New York, but grew up in Oklahoma and my Dad is from the high dessert in Southern California, but grew up all over the world. I was born in the Southeast, but have lived in Europe, traveled the U.S. extensively and resided in Texas for the last decade. Wify is a Mass-Hole. I am very Bubba, but becoming more Texan.

Lets begin by briefly defining our choice of groups listed above.

Hillbilly - One from the hills or scarcely populated region of the Appalachian mountains. Often believed to be uneducated, inbred and makers of moon shine. Mostly good people. Infamous quote, “Make you squeal like a pig boy.”

Yankee - One from the Northeast. Often considered to be snobby or full of themselves. Mostly disliked for trying to take advantage of southerners following the civil war. Home to Mass-Holes. The place where everybody becomes nice when they realize you are not from there. Mostly good people. Famous quote, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Dixie-land Boy / Redneck / Bubba - Had to break this out into it’s common terms. Anyone that grew up south of the Mason-Dixon line (basically south of Maryland in the eastern half of the U.S. Often referred to as Rednecks by outsiders and Bubbas or Good-Ole-Boys by ourselves. Yes, I fall in this group. Locally considered to resourceful, but by outsiders thought to be missing a few I.Q. points when their accent is heard. Mostly Good Ole Boys. Infamous quote, “Hold my beer.”

Hoosier / Midwesterner - Again, a Hoosier is from Indiana, but you can’t leave out the rest of the region. Known for their good manners, vast farmlands and massive industrial pockets (Detroit, Chicago and Indianapolis to name a few). Home to colorful phases like, (soda) Pop, Don-cha-know and Watch fer Deer. Definitely decent people and hard workers. Famous quote, “Hold my corn.”

Texans - I have come to learn what this means over the last decade. Texans are no nonsense, getter done folks. Known for their sense of Liberty, Beef Eating, Barbeque and Right to bare Arms. Good People. Famous quote, “Come and take it.”

Sooner - A rally cry by locals and land grab cheaters by outsiders. Those from the State of Oklahoma are known for being very Christian and Conservative, but also Redneck. Home to Noodling (google it) and a few extremists, but mostly good people. Famous quote, “Boomer Sooner!”

Nothing at all - But wait, there is More…

Westerners - Anyone in the western half of the U.S. excluding California. Home to only 20% of the entire population of the country, Purple Mountains Majesty and over priced Ski Resorts. Traditionally considered to be Literal Pioneers and rugged people surviving hardship. The majority of all Cattle Ranches are located in this region. Practical and Tough People. Famous quote, “Never corner something tougher than you.”

Californian - Once considered to be Opportunists, but have in recent years become overly inclusive to the point of turning social ideology into political policies and shoving them down everybody’s throats. Home of Hollywood and Pornography. Most of the good people are moving out of the state. Famous quote, “Eureka!”

Stamatis, I would say you fall somewhere between Midwesterner and Redneck. You are always so polite and yet extremely resourceful. You have the coolest toys and a shop to put them together. Great quote, “Boy that was a loong way to the top but i still got the neeeeed. … the neeeeed. … for speeeeedd!!”

Dom, I hope that is what you were looking for. :rofl:

Because you seem like a well man informed about the cultural nuances of American living. I am blinded by my NYC/DC/PHIL metroplex.

Well OK but sunblock is a must


Yup! Nailed it for Stamatis. Thank you :100:

Im a Yankee redneck!!, / Midwesterner !! :smiley:

Deserve Paramount Network GIF by Yellowstone

This post has kinda lost the plot a bit, but America is quite diverse and the “types” of people is a very sweeping generalization.

The sport itself is worth watching I think.

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Gonna be past your bedtime before we get this one started.

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I agree 100%, but that is why I lead with “I don’t like to Pigeon Hole anyone into a group”. In spite of Dom derailing this convo, I think Warren can back me up on being the prodigy of a Military Family giving you a unique perspective on America. I have found very few outside of Military Families that have been exposed to different parts of the country.

I have nothing against Nascar. I was raised around Road Course Racing, so that is what appeals to me. Oval is not lost on me and there have been some Epic Oval Races. My Grand Father was part team owner in a Indianapolis 500 back in the day. Nascar was born from the old Shine Runners trying to see who had the fastest cars. I am steeped in all of it!

Please continue the discussion and don’t mind our little diversion. :pray:

Its almost 2 in the morning here but tomorrow is easter break from work . I still got some changes smile :smiley:

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It was an exiting race !! Kansas had thr closest photo finish ! And i think ford is close to her first victory of this season .

A good race ! I like it !

Watching again the last laps , well kyle its for sure a good driver and he fights hard even with a loose from tires car .


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That’s what I do best. Shameful, really.

it was my question i did just for a joke about me ! it wasnt doms fault . and it went the wrong way .

Never corner something tougher than you * :grinning:

Never apologize. Kartpulse operating manual only specifies no politics. We are golden.

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So Kansas obviously was fantastic. What the hell does NASCAR need to do to get the Short Track package back on track?

My vote would be to make the tires skinnier by 1-2”, but there is of course massive costs with that.


well just warming up my engine for the Darlighton 400 this weekend .

Music fits perfect !

What did you recall about you and Kyle from darlighton 2011???

My shoulder still hurts !!! Smile :smiley:

I remember seeing this and cringing, but it was indeed dramatic. At the time I really disliked both drivers, so it was like watching two annoying agro teenagers tussle for half a season.

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