206 slide restrictors

Can anyone explain why it’s so difficult getting everyone on the same page with what slides to use across the country? I really don’t understand it. I’ve tried to get the NW region to align with the bigger eastern series like CKNA, but to no avail. For some reason it seems the whole west coast wants to stay on the bigger slides. I personally feel like it’s a monkey see, monkey do and no one wants to be different than the others and make the jump but I cannot say for sure. Just be nice if there was a standard across the country.

Stay the course, the closer we all come to one standard is a good thing, and CKNA is great benchmark.

In the words of, and I’m stealing this quote as far as Lo206 rulebooks and tech go to ensure far play . . .

“Congratulations, you’re all equally worthless!”

:+1: :rofl:

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Last year I got the green slide for cadet voted in, one step closer to being aligned. Junior was still on black. Then I was unable to attend the rules meeting this year, and the blue slide got voted back in for cadet :roll_eyes:. The argument being that the west coast is on those ones so if anyone wants to travel the coast racing they’re on the same.

Ricky. The nw just isolating themselves. I will be doing one regional race this year. It’s a joke.

I fully support the NW region, and I understand the sentiment of doing what the whole west coast is doing as far as 206. I just don’t understand why the whole west coast is like this.

I support them as much as I can. But as a region we seem to abandon national trend. Also I’m not a business so I only have me and my sons interest at heart.

Our region is controlled by shops. Not the racer. I mean a air cooled 125 proposed to run in the 100 class? A motor shown dominate not given a weight penalty over x30?

Hopefully my job makes me move so I can put it all behind me.

We can’t even pick a tire as a region.

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Getting a bit off topic here, and I haven’t heard a full breakdown of everything that happened at the rules meeting so I cannot comment on everything. The region is run by the clubs, which should be representing their members theoretically. I may have a shop, but I personally don’t look at what would be best for me or my shop but I try to support those things I think can help karting as a whole.

Wasn’t directed at you at all. I’ll just leave it at that.

What are your slide rules?

99% of the midwest is:

Short KK slide
Green for sportsman
Yellow for Junior
Unrestricted Senior and masters.

Personally, I think the sportsman should be red slide as they are currently the fastest class out of all of them…

Since I hear slide term all the time I looked it up:


Just in case anyone was wondering what a slide is.

Longer is faster, it would seem. I am guessing this goes on the exhaust/pipe like the x30 restrictor. I’m guessing it affects the timing of the piston detonations. I am further guessing that it’s a set and forget?

No, these are the slides that determine carb openings. The 206 carb is a slide carb. You pull the slide up and out of the carb throat (airflow) to get more throttle. A long slide will hit the top of the carb and not let you get to full throttle. It is used to reduce air flow into the engine. Long slide = less opening = less hp. The adult/senior slide is short and pulls itself all the way out of the carb opening (full power/unrestricted).

So bigger isn’t better! Thanks.

We are now.

Sportsman is blue
Junior is black
Senior is black.

So your sportsman is even faster than ours… and juniors too. Man, moving up would be perceived as going slower every single time… Just seems silly to me.


Junior ends up being the fastest, and cadet runs very similar times to senior. Most of the west coast is like this, maybe all of it.

from my experience in the east cost cadet/sportsman runs gold slide while jr runs green and sr runs red and black (depending on track) and most of the time cadet is faster than jr(some track let jr have a different gasket giving more power) and sn is the fastest.

Cadet is 10-12ish? They are faster than the teens? What’s the logic?

There is no logic. The lighter karts and shorter wheelbase means on a slow class like 206, that’s an advantage, and the extra power from the other slides doesn’t overcome it.

Similar issue with Yamaha can classes in the day. The fatter tire and higher weight meant you moved “up” to seniors and went a good chunk slower.

That’s why in European classes (and sometimes here), the juniors run a harder tire, to slow them down a bit.


Just be nice if the slides were nationally consistent. Briggs has done a good job with the 206 ruleset overall, but this part could have been done better. Theoretically Briggs could add a stipulation to their Briggs Weekly Racing series deal that the tracks must use the national standard slides. It would piss some people off however, and probably wouldn’t go over very well. Plus some just wouldn’t care. CKNA is easily the largest 206 series in the country so I would personally like to align with them.

Cadet - Green
Junior - Yellow/Gold
Senior - Black


Just for comparison, up here in Canada, the national rules and most clubs use the following:

Cadet-red slide
JR lite-blue slide
Jr-yellow slide
Sr and masters-stock black slide

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