250cc two-stroke engines for sprint shifter karting, available soon

Factory Karts will have a limited number of 250cc single cylinder two stroke engines for sale in time for Christmas. They are made by a major motorcycle manufacturer but not sold with their branding. Development testing is underway. Power exceeds that of the strongest KZs even with tuning that should allow for annual rebuilds.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say these are the KTM “Style” engines?

Post up some specs and pics. I’ve been eyeing those (and the 80’s) while looking at four stroke horizontal engines.

I also believe that winter testing is essential for any and all kart engine packages :laughing:

What I’m more interested in, will the 80cc (or 85cc) single-cylinder, two-stroke engine be available for sale as well?

Yes, all four sizes - 65, 85, 125, and 250cc - will be available.

Cadet races with 65cc shifters that get within two seconds per lap of the adults at Adams are exciting.

Luca Bortone raced the 85cc prototype at the Chill Challenge at Adams last Sunday. He raced at 360# and was about 1.5 seconds per lap off the winning KZ which ran at 400#.


We do have 250 National engines here in the UK already from DEA, Viper etc… It’ll be interesting to hear how this compares. I think there’s a lot of 250 National drivers who’d be interested.

I’ll reckon there are a lot of 250 Superkart racers in America that will be interested in the 250 engine package as well.

Good to hear. I’m hoping a new 85cc shifter engine will be the stimulus to give shifter kart racing here a boost.

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These will be in a lower state of tune than the original Moto engines - a development goal is to have each of them run well on 91 octane gasoline.

How have they got the deal done to get a supply of engines straight from a Moto manufacturer? I know plenty of 250 National drivers who’d love to know

Many will know more than me, but pretty confident that it is no small part to Willy and Bill Musgrave’s moto industry connections. Willy was a national level motocross rider in the 80’s and he has super deep relationships within the socal motocross scene ((aka the Silicon Valley of American motocross) going back just as far, and Billy was brought up around all of those people and their kids and raced locally with them before switching to four wheels. All of those folks have been super stoked to see the Musgraves’ success in the karting world and have been very supportive and proud of it.

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OK, now it makes much more sense.

They won’t sell you an engine.
They’ll reluctantly sell you a pallet of engines.
They’ll gladly sell you two container loads of engines, which is what Factory Karts bought.
It’s a bet-the-company deal.
Yes, Willy’s connections in the motocross world and his experience in the business helped a lot with this deal.

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Are you guys strictly still focussing on 2t at 91 octane or have you considered a 4t option as well?

I’ll let Willy take this one.


my assumption is that they’re running pump gas.

Well if a stock Moto class starts to boom again you’ll have a buyer. I dont have the resources to take the risks of buying one and hoping it takes off. My biggest regret was selling my honda and moving to rok or Modena. The Moto was maintenance free and still the same amount of fun. The only reasoning for me was everywhere I wanted to race didn’t allow the stock honda anymore…

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When do we get details on these?
All I know is that it’s a 250? Don’t be a tease :laughing:


Details will be trickling out steadily!

Some photos should go up tomorrow.

Mounts are steel weldments made by Factory.

Pipes are kart specific and made by Pro Circuit to our specifications.

No one in the US has any experience with those engines. 250’s here have no organized racing outside superkarts and have been built mostly as fun projects here and there over the years. We’ve built 4 of them over the years and they never struck me as something that made sense beyond clients just wanting “the most badass shit they can get” driving it twice, and promptly letting it rot in storage.

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Also add to this the massive overproduction that took place during the end of COVID when purchasing managers thought the outdoor sports boom would never end. That has left many with substantial overstock now that demand has fallen back down. I just picked up an eMTB for 45% off because the manufacturer has 2.5 YEARS worth of inventory sitting. Some others have as much as 6 years worth.