25th Anniversary Silver Arrow

Just purchased This Kart used. Dont know much about Karts. How do I find the serial number?

Is there still a manufacturer website for Arrow??

What other then Silver Arrow is this frame called?

it will be an AX6 Silver arrow, ID plate should be located on the back of the engine side bearing hangers from memory.

the arrow karts are built by DPE in Australia and yes they still have a website

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Thank you very much. I need to buy a starter for it still any used ones in my area you know of?

For used starter you could try EKN for sale classifieds. I think some of the other forums have classifieds as well. Maybe some sort of facebook kart group?

Thank you for the insight

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There’s a few resources listed here for classifieds:

Hello, so since doing my research I have yet to find a video of an Ax6 25th Anniv Edt, is the x5, the same chassis? I dont understand why I can hardly find any info on my Kart?

I doubt you will find a video on the AX6, the kart must be getting over 10 years old by now.
X5 is the latest version of Arrow, tuning principles should be roughly the same.