5x8 Trailer - What’s your setup

Considering getting an enclosed trailer and unfortunately need to stay small due to my smaller Honda CRV. Considering a 5 x 8 and would like to see how others have theirs setup.

I’m thinking some type of raised ramps would be ideal to fit stuff under.

Also, any advantage to having a ramp rear door vs swing?

If you haven’t seen it already, you might get some inspiration here along with the responses…

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IMO, the ramp has better utility in larger (taller) rigs. If you have a 1 man stand, loading in/out of a barn door style is pretty easy, probably easier, in fact, in the case of smaller, shorter rigs like a 5x8. This is chiefly because the shorter height translates to a steeper ramp angle, which makes for a bigger chore floading/unloading. With a barn door style & a 1 man stand, you can roll the front into the trailer as you lower it. Also note that the actual door W < 5’ in a 5x8.

I briefly had a 5x8 ramp, but sold it to the neighbor & upgraded to a 6x12 ramp, & the difference in the ramp utility was nontrivial.

I would assume that if weight is a concern you are looking at aluminum trailers? Just did a quick search the difference in weight between a 5x8 and 6x12 is a little over 300lbs, not really a huge difference. In between is 5x10 and 6x10 as well.

If I was hauling 1 kart I would go with a ramp style and strap the kart down still on the pit cart.

With any single axle trailer the challenge is making sure you tongue weight is ideal, too much and you car is doing wheelies too little and you will have the fish tail of death.