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Hi everyone!

My name is Monica Shi, and I’m a junior in high school. I first got into karting because my brother is a driver. I’ve been to the track with him many times, and I noticed that my dad (his mechanic) liked to keep track of data (lap times, jet size, EGTs, tire pressures, weather, kart setup) for each session in a binder with many sheets of paper. I’ve also seen other mechanics use this system too. Although it worked for us, flipping through pages to search for certain sessions became tiring and less efficient as we collected more and more data. So, I made it a goal of mine to make a new system that replicates what the binders do with less difficulty. For the last year, I’ve been working on a website/database that stores data from practice/qualifying/race sessions. So far, you are able to store chassis, engines, and sessions. We are working on a function that allows you to scan the mychron and have your data automatically inputted. I also envision the final product to have filters for the session page so that a user can easily search for previous sessions by track/championship series. For example, this would make it easier to find the average gear size you use at a track, or which type of axle you use most often. It would be awesome if some of you could try it out and provide some feedback to make this website better! I’ve linked it here: https://cd9piun4bt.us-east-2.awsapprunner.com/session/Karting Data (awsapprunner.com)

To get started, you will need to create an account. When you log in, make sure to use your username as your login name and not email (thanks to all who helped me catch this bug!). After you log in, you will be able to start logging chassis, engines, and sessions. All new users are automatically granted logging permissions.

Any feedback is appreciated, and thank you so much!

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Tried to make two accounts and neither worked.

Hi, I’m sorry this didn’t work as intended! You are actually in the system, and I fixed up one thing, so if you want you can try logging in again using your account. Hope this helps!

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Do not work, cant login

Still isn’t working for me.

Mine works!

How do I start logging sessions?

Same here, I can log in but that’s it. Can’t add any chassis or engines nor can I log any data?

Found out a “bug” your login name is your user name and not your e-mail
But how do i use it

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Hey Monica, I am a software developer and racing enthusiast. I’m 22 now and I’ve been programming since Elementary School. My father was a software developer and started teaching me at a young age. I’ve been sim-racing since I was 15 and racing karts since I was 19. I’ve had a few racing-related software ideas. One of my ideas was to have a system similar to what you have created. In addition, I thought it would be cool to have the software analyze your historical tuning data and use that to recommend new tuning changes that have the highest potential for pace increase. However, the issue with that Idea is that it would require a lot of data from the user to get to the point where it could suggest useful changes. My other idea, which I plan on starting soon, is to make a software which allows you to upload 2 Mychron files. Then, the software would run some analysis between the two files and give feedback on both driving and tuning. This would allow people that don’t want to learn how to use RaceStudio or read telemetry to get valuable feedback by comparing sessions to themselves or to a better driver.
Anyways, I’m happy to see a high schooler working on a software project. If you need any help with the technical side of things I would be happy to help if I can.

Hi, thank you so much for catching this and trying it out! I forgot to have the system grant new users default editing permissions, but it is fixed now. Apologies for the error and thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy trying out the full system!

Hi! There was a system error which I now believe is fixed. Thanks for your support and happy logging!

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Hi, apologies for the messup—the system is now fixed. Hope you enjoy using!

Hi, it seems other users caught a bug—you should use your username to log in, not your email. Let me know if there’s still an issue and thanks for your continued interest!

Hey everyone! I’m currently fixing up an error that occurs when adding new sessions/engines. Should be done by tomorrow, will keep updating. Thanks for the support and feedback thus far!

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Hi Evan! Thanks so much for your support and interest in this work! Your projects sound super cool and I’m glad to know there are software people in the karting world :blush:

My hope is that as users input more and more data over the course of many months, the website will be able to output not only previous tuning statistics but also tuning advice to improve performance, as you suggested.
Regarding the Mychron reader idea, I’ve also been working on a feature that scans the Mychron and automatically inputs the data into a session log. We can definitely chat more about the implementation of this as these projects develop!

This is my repository on github if you’re interested in taking a look: https://github.com/monica-shi/karting

Thank you for your thoughtful comment and interest. Feel free to leave any feedback or further comments here at any time!

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Hi all, error is fixed! Enjoy!

This was going to be my main question. Good luck with the project. AIM’s format is proprietary I think.

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Looks good, some input from my side.

Add the possibility to Add your own tracks and races.

Else it user friendly and dont need a computer so keep up the good work

Hi, thanks so much for the input! The difficulty with adding your own tracks/races right now is that the new tracks will be added to every user’s track list. This will make everyone’s track list unnecessarily long and filled with tracks they don’t visit, so I will keep the default track/race list as it is right now.

However, I’m working on making each user’s track/race list independent so when I’m done, you should be able to add your own tracks/races without modifying the lists of others. Hope this helps!

Hey Monica, it looks like you still have your repository set to private. I was unable to see any public repos from your profile page.