A year ago today... this is what I was doing (racing). You?

Since we can’t race… here’s footage from a race exactly 1 year ago. My, how time flies.

Anyone else have something to share from the past or hopes/plans for the future?

My 2020 was supposed to shape up as follows: 25 Rental races from spring through Fall, 5 endurance races, and maybe a fancier race. How about you?


Hi Tony!


Hi Jeff!

Final touches on the Dyno getting ready for the season to start…



Very cool! :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

Not exactly one year ago. But beginning of March last year. Don’t let Texas fool you, it was freezing cold.

Currently waiting for my simulator wheel setup to get here from California. I’ve been having some rib issues with driving my kart so I’m hoping some sim time will help scratch the itch until I can get back out and drive.


Damn those are sexy beasts. :eyes:

I actually had some rib issues from IRL recently and the sim didn’t help. I don’t think it did any damage but being in the same position and making same gestures did cause some wince moments.

Last years livery was really simple but it was still cool. Very retro style to it.

Mine started the last race of the year last year. Halfway through the final it just started to get sore. Then the pain ramped up after every left corner. By the end of the race I could barely breathe. I figured the winter break would be enough to heal. Went out to do a shake down a few weeks ago and immediately felt the same pain. Only did a few sessions because it wasn’t tolerable. Saw a doctor who said the xrays look fine but the shape of my ribs is an issue. Apparently they’re pretty pointed and it puts pressure on my muscle causing inflammation and bruising. So aside from padding up my rib protector and seat, my only option is to move down to something less physical like a KA100 or even 206.

Ok but how about deepseat? I used that with x30 and I ran pretty good. It was the difference for me between driving and not. Worth a try. Also Ribtect seat.

I have a Jecko. Last year I had a C3 and it was pretty tight. I thought that I tore something due to the seat being too small for me. Put a C5 in it over the winter (ran a C5 NEK in my old OTK and didn’t have any issues) and hoped things would change. But I guess it’s just an issue with my ribs themselves. I have some memory foam that I’m going to tape into my rib protector and give that a shot. It’s just weird that I just now started having the issue.

This time last year, I had gone karting on boxing day of 2018, before that hadn’t done much karting. Around my birthday 2019 I went again and due to a lap time I set was invited to join the rental kart league. I did one event in 2019 with the view to all the events in 2020.
This year I was all set to do all the events in that league and join another league in the same area to do a few other events. I was booked to do 5 events (next one 6th of April), with the view to hopefully do 3-4 more. Not sure how many I’ll do now.
I’m actually pretty worried if my local track will be able to weather this storm and re-open.

I don’t think Jecko are in the same category as the deepseat and the ribtect. Those two seats remove the mid-rib pressure point (seat edge top) and also wrap sides around you, sorta. They are taller and supposedly affect handling a bit. I’ve never noticed but I pretty much switched immediately.

They’re not the same, but they are similar. I remember going from an OTK seat to an NEK, same as Jecko, before I got my new (good) rib vest.

The difference was crazy. I went from feeling pressure all over my back, to the point where practice sessions rarely lasted longer than 8 laps or so before it was so bad I couldn’t focus. To being able to run for what felt like forever with no issues or focus problems.

To compound this, the DR that the NEK was on had a KA bolted on, first time I had ever driven one. Going from a Yamaha Can to KA, I expected the issues to compound even quicker.

So, I wouldn’t consider the NEK and Jecko to be at the same scale as Deepseat or Ribtect, but it is a step above a standard Tillet or similar brand. I wouldn’t use one on my kart personally, I don’t think it flexes the same way as a “standard” seat, but it is noticeably more comfortable/easier on the body.

I hope so, Bobby. You Australians have had a rather horrible series of disasters to contend with. I am so sorry for your troubles. Fingers crossed we get to kart again, at the places we know and love, even.

Thanks Dom! Karting has been such a great outlet for myself, I live in hope that soon we will all be back at it.
Yea, 2019 and 2020 have been quite the ride for Australia. Luckily, I haven’t been directly effected by the Fires and COVID-19 too badly.

Now this is awesome I did not know they made a drum Dyno for a kart. Or people would like to call it a chassis Dyno.

I got to ask is this made for motorcycles, and you using it for your kart. Or is this Dyno made just for karts?

Whatever the case it’s awesome.

They’re definitely not at the same level in that aspect. But with experience with ribtechs on customer karts I don’t really have a desire to run one. I don’t think they let the chassis work how it should.

I have a Jecko because that’s what Kart Republic prefers. They’re definitely a stiff seat. I’d compare with a Tillet T11. And the NEK is a super soft seat. So depending on what you want your handling to be like you could make one work.

Zach, maybe a tall version.
Anything to get the edge of the seat above rib cage?

The part that bothers me is at the bottom of my ribs. Sort of towards the front-ish. It’s hard to explain but I don’t think there’s much in the seat shape department that would be a magic fix. I think the only way around it is with padding anything and everything that I can. Or just take a grinder to my ribs. But that’s the last ditch effort.

Yeah sorry about that. I am out of ideas :brain:

Wait a sec, if it’s the front pinching, have you tried a more laid-back seat angle?

It’s set to flat on the bottom so it’s 32* tilt right now. I could try to tilt it but then it’ll start pulling side bite out of the kart. So it’s a double edged sword. It’ll probably help feel better due to less overall weight transfer, but make it potentially slower due to less side bite hah.

Winning is important, I’ll grant you that. :grinning: I hope you get this resolved.