Advanced Driving & Sensitivity Concepts Booklet

On my website ( I talk about the “Spiral to Speed”, which represents the skills that I believe must be mastered to become a good driver:

  1. Reducing the Sensation of Speed
  2. Increasing Sensitivity
  3. Interpreting Traction
  4. Controlling Rotation
  5. Driving a Trajectory

On my site, I went into excruciating detail for spiral step one, but for various reasons I never addressed the others. It’s unlikely I’ll ever document spiral steps #2-5 in the kind of detail I did for #1, but I do want to get the concepts out there in ‘reader’s digest’ form, so I’ve created a booklet “Advanced Driving & Sensitivity Concepts”, which you can get here.

Fair warning, my ideas about driving are W A Y the hell off the beaten path, so an open mind is recommended.


Off the beaten path, but very rewarding indeed!

@speedcraft have you considered publishing this on Amazon?

Eh, too much pressure; I just do this stuff for the love of the sport. :grin:

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Have you considered stickying the various pieces that have been put together for folks to enjoy/refer to?

Eric, Warren, Davin, TJ and many others have great reference/instructional stuff that will just sink downwards into obscurity unless bumped. Which means it constantly has to be “rediscovered” when that particular content/issue comes up.

There needs to be a better way to tie these resources together for sure. I’m not big on stickies as they tend to be ignored after a while.

One thing I’d like to introduce after the new site goes up is to publish summary articles. A heavily edited version of a given topic that gives a good summary, perhaps with extra context.

Anything is possible. Just add money :joy:

No pressure.
Upload doc
Set a price
Wait for the money to come pouring in*

@Eric_Gunderson and @Terence_Dove published their longer form books that way. You’ve already done the hardest part.

*Money may not actually come pouring in.

Well, I’m not money averse or anything, but I don’t want to make the information I’ve put together available to only those who are motivated to pay for it, because it really represents my life’s work as far as racing goes; 40+ years, and probably 10s of thousands of hours of observation, thought, research, writing, etc. I originally started this journey because I could see how badly ‘normal’ driver training was failing normal drivers, and I felt I could help with that.

That said, I’ll admit when I first started, my second aim was to try and hook up with / teach someone like Paul Newman, or Tim Allan, and help them while trying to finagle a ride in an endurance series, because that was really the only way I’d ever get to drive professionally :pray: Didn’t happen, and I’m an old fart now, so I’m completing my original purpose. :+1:

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How does search optimization work? If you wanted google searches related to driving instruction to hit your site, how do do that? Does it cost $?

Terence’s stuff is widely appreciated. Any idea what Terence did to get his thoughts out there so effectively?

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One thing about forums is they tend to be great for SEO. Lots of original content, google often segments the results as structured answers and people tend to write in terms that they would search in.

You’ll probably see me edit topic titles from time to time to make them a bit more SEO friendly. So from that standpoint, what we are doing is “free”. I’m sure we could do things to improve it though.

We could do AdWords… but right now I’m focused on attracting sponsorship for the new site and implementing a content plan.

Maybe for the launch I could hire someone to experiment with AdWords. I love playing and learning about these things… arguably that’s the problem :joy:

He wrote a killer book to start. Then he connected with the right people to promote it :blush:
^Might be biased on this.

He also had a good social strategy where people were posting pics of reading the book, including some pro racers in and outside of Karting. Released snippets of the book that were valuable too. One was on braking if I recall.

Thanks for the insights. I was curious as to what Terence did and that makes sense.

Obviously working with Kartpulse was great for my book because the site is driven hard by passionate people.

Marketing was relatively easy because I had been doing articles and stuff since about 2005 (free ebook was my first marketing move), so I already had momentum… I don’t know what I’d do now starting from scratch because the noise is far greater.

I think if you are passionate about your concepts it will fly, probably via a serendipitous event.

Thanks for that, Terence.