[Video] Mind Blown - Ryan Norberg Onboard at the SKUSA pro tour

Those two were great. I sent my dad links to those a few months ago when I came across them. I thought they would apply to auto racing as well as karting. He agreed!

Yes I want to, I need to get some footage first from the front fairing so TJ can see what my feet are doing. Then I’ll send him a love letter :joy:

The sound. When I watch videos of top drivers like Tj and Ryan, I always notice how you can almost feel it when they brake hard. Anyways, it sounds like braking should, IMO.

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The top drivers are getting to that 99.9% brake pressure (just before complete lock-up) extremely quickly and efficiently, and then dialing it back as they approach turn-in.

One thing I always notice with a top-tier driver and their braking is their ability to know that limit and play with the kart’s posture above and below that limit. In a hard braking situation or an overtake situation, a great driver will get to the braking limit super efficiently and then be able to dance the kart around that limit, all while being in full control. If you watch a driver like this go into a hard braking zone and reach lock-up, you’ll see their entire body instinctually ‘fix’ the kart’s attitude before it can even get out of shape. The sound of the rear tires starting to chirp, the feeling of the rear stepping out, the sound of the engine revs diving, all combine to give that driver signals to make the correction instantly and effortlessly. Its muscle memory at that point.

The best drivers are completely comfortable at or above the limit and of the kart and they know exactly where that limit is and how to extract it in every scenario. Man and machine becoming one.


From what I recall, @Terence_Dove has some great content out there on braking. As well as a rather good book.

^If you buy anything from amazon via that link, KP get’s a little $ :wink:
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Indeed! And, even better, his braking bit is offered for free! However, you’ll probably end up buying the book. He’s basically dealing in addictive drugs in kart form. I found his book hooked me quick. It’s not a giant read, either.


That’s a better way of describing what I meant by he’s braking around the throttle.

This is insightful. I know this to be the case from sim. This is somewhat what I meant when I describe him as using throttle modulation as a part of the deceleration process. You can’t really see this easily because it’s quick.

Think of it this way. If you commit to hard braking, you can choose where you do that, correct? You can threshold brake a bit earlier so that you can spend less time off throttle, by getting back to the beginning of being in power, earlier. It’s controlled. You aren’t trying to simply be the last of the late breakers, you want to be the first to throttle.You are still removing tons of speed, but balanced with shorter, firmer braking. Never late, never behind the kart.

Throttle modulation allows you to play with the limit while keeping energy running through the kart. It feels more solid, more tight to the line.

What I notice when seeing video of an exceptional driver is a sense of being absolutely in the sweet spot without any sweat. There’s a poised quality to the best drivers that’s visibly powerful but obviously efficient and controlled. There is no drama, no theatrics. Just really obvious comfort and mastery. They own their driving, fully.

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This is a great breakdown and guide to braking in a kart. Much to practice, thank you


You are welcome. If reading is your bag, we have a whole summer reading list. I’ll try to link our “book” thread.

Thanks @KartingIsLife and @Bimodal_Rocket

I couldn’t find anything comprehensive but here’s some book threads:

@Terence_Dove is a follow up book in the works?

Not quite, but what would you like to see covered?

I’d love to see an entire book about the mental state of a karting driver from you.
I’d buy the hell out of that. Even as a three dollar e-book.

Hmm. The second book could address the stuff that has merit but was left on the cutting room floor.

@DavinRS In the mean time there is some ‘mental state’ information available, such as:


I think that’s where I’d be likely to go with it :+1:

Actually there was quite a bit cut!! where did i paste it though, I can’t remember :roll_eyes:

Yeah there might be quite a lot of in the meantime at the the pace i work at :laughing:


Is Ryan Norberg on KP?

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Nice helmet paint. :sunglasses:

If you want the second one to sell really well, it would be about kart setup! Arrow’s setup guide is OK but it doesn’t get into very much detail.