[Video] Mind Blown - Ryan Norberg Onboard at the SKUSA pro tour

This is a great breakdown and guide to braking in a kart. Much to practice, thank you


You are welcome. If reading is your bag, we have a whole summer reading list. I’ll try to link our “book” thread.

Thanks @KartingIsLife and @Bimodal_Rocket

I couldn’t find anything comprehensive but here’s some book threads:

@Terence_Dove is a follow up book in the works?

Not quite, but what would you like to see covered?

I’d love to see an entire book about the mental state of a karting driver from you.
I’d buy the hell out of that. Even as a three dollar e-book.

Hmm. The second book could address the stuff that has merit but was left on the cutting room floor.

@DavinRS In the mean time there is some ‘mental state’ information available, such as:


I think that’s where I’d be likely to go with it :+1:

Actually there was quite a bit cut!! where did i paste it though, I can’t remember :roll_eyes:

Yeah there might be quite a lot of in the meantime at the the pace i work at :laughing:


Is Ryan Norberg on KP?

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Nice helmet paint. :sunglasses:

If you want the second one to sell really well, it would be about kart setup! Arrow’s setup guide is OK but it doesn’t get into very much detail.