Favorite racing books

What are your favorite racing books? @Terence_Dove book is by far my favorite karting book but are there others worth a read? I enjoyed Mimo’s 4 cycle book but it was pretty basic. How about your favorite books on Motorsports in general? I’m reading Will Power’s at the moment and it’s pretty interesting.

For sure this one:

@KartingIsLife I saw your post on the Kart Kraft thread and bought it. That’s what inspired the new topic :laughing:

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Thanks for the mention @Racer_Rick12 !

Of course all the books in the KartPulse store ought to be compulsory purchases!!

My favourite racing book, which I read as a kid was Stirling Moss’ ‘My Cars, My Career’

I was fascinated by the way he described every car he ever drove in detail, and the driving tips he scattered around the book. It was a real eye opener into the nature of a highly successful driver’s mind.

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Figured it would be easier to make a collage.

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I’m a fan of the book Niki Lauda put out about his race driving.

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A Twist of the Wrist
The Soft Science of Road Racing Motorcycles
Both by Keith Code

The Technique of Motor Racing by Piero Taruffi
Driving in Competition by Alan Johnson

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Hello guys, any suggestion for a book explaining engineering of karts? With a special focus on mechanical engineering to learn more about the physics of a chassis on track?