Air brush vs sticker kit

Hi I am thinking of having a custom livery done for my kart for yhe 2022 season. The design I want is done in a air brush style, I am wondering if it would work to have the plastics air brushed and put a clear wrap on top to protect it rather than having a custom sticker set made?

I’ve been wondering this as well. Has anyone done any painting in lieu of stickers/vinyl? Airbrush, spray paint, brush?

Permanence would be a problem. Tire marks etc will scuff it up quick. Maybe you can get the artist to design something that can then be printed, not using vector graphics.

There was a kart livery here recently that had a non-linear, representational look, so it’s possible to have painterly or airbrush type designs printed onto the kit.


I have the proper airbrush! But no talent and no kart ! Haha
My son otoh, is excellent with an airbrush and design . Too far ways though

I’ve seen it done, but with the pliability of the body panels, it just chipped off slowly. It wasn’t sealed with a clear vinyl over it, but my feeling is it wouldn’t adhere all the same and for the same reasons. :woman_shrugging:

It won’t stick. The type of plastic used for bodywork is the worst possible substrate for painting. It sands poorly, and it’s flexible. Anything painted on would explode into paint chips with on-track contact.

It doesn’t matter if you seal the paint with a clear coat or a clear laminate vinyl, the adhesion of an overall paint job is only as good as the base layer’s adhesion.

There’s a reason everyone uses vinyl decal kits.

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Has any one tried an adhesion promoter? I planned on trying it out to be able to paint the plastics.

It won’t do much on plastic.

I paint plastic helmet wings everyday, and no amount of adhesion promoter or sanding will help when something flexes like plastic does.