Kart Vinyl

Finished the Vinyl graphics on my kart

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In a word: Epic. Now do a ww2 pilot race suit!

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Will that pass tech?

Oh that poor girl. She has no idea what’s coming. It looks awesome. It will be shame the first time those side pods get some tire rash.

Looks bad ass, but where does your race number go?

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Luckily I work at a high end detail compsny.They are protected with PPF Paint protection film

Now that would be cool,great idea

Just a kart for fun no racing intended

Won’t that be inappropriate? (Like if you’re racing at some event or club race, I’m sure they’ll be some kids there) :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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Racers tape saves the day!


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It’s not his responsibility to not to have things look like he wants because other people/kids might see it or not like it.


Agreed! Several years ago when the local Sodi Kart Team from DKC went to the SuperNats, they had new liveries made up with a retro pin-up girl, dice and a few other iconic images from Vegas. It wasn’t a problem for them.

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That’s funny AF .I’m not gonna comment because it may offend people

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I saw those when at DKC. They were selling one.

That’s cool as hell! Where do you get gfx like that made ???

I’ve done a ton of Vegas-themed kits for SuperNats over the years.

2010 -

PCR 2014 -

Merlin 2017 -


Graphic Kit Depot,I see some people saying it’s inappropriate I agree but it’s only going on the kart track when it’s shifter kart only class sessions on Saturday no kids there just us big kids

Awesome vinyl you have

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You’re a hard core experienced karter.I received this Birel CR125 shifter and a new CRG DD2 for trade.I traded my motorcycle for both

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