Am I a jerk revisited:

Ok, so here we go again. Same spot, same punt:

I’m going with this was sort of thrust upon me as opposed to last time where it was more of a choice.

Thoughts? Apparently he didn’t see me. It looks to me like I couldn’t have realistically jogged left. (The next 10s or so are a close finish, if you want a chuckle).

for reference: Am I a Jerk? MIA (Moral Incident Analysis) I punt a guy

Not a jerk, his positioning was rather odd. Technically ‘your fault’ though and he was clearly erratic. It’s the kinda thing that happens in rentals though.

Agree with Alan. He was all over the place and no one would’ve expected him to oversteer and cut down in that corner.

Typical rental stuff.

Thx guys. That’s what I thought.

Leave it with this…

Thanks Dom, that made me laugh. Where the heck was he going??

Almost had the guy across the line too

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I think he was trying to get back on the racing line. His best bet would have been to stay inside, I think. Looks like his entry into 3 was sketchy and he was unbalanced through 4 and whammo.

I wouldn’t worry too much mate. It comes with the territory of rentals. I’d have a nervous breakdown if I had to consider every move I ever made in a rental kart. I remember once I was at a special British Touring Car event. It was wet and I went for a move to lead (it was raining but you can’t NOT when someone leaves the door open) and I smashed into the leader causing a huge pile up (like I said it was wet but I wanted to teach the touring car lads a lesson). Totally my fault, but this kind of stuff happens in rentals. Made me chuckle anyway. Another time I lunged a guy at a charity event and turned in on me and smashed into the tyres full chat. That wasn’t my fault that time though. he was an idiot. He weren’t happy about it though. haha

Don’t wanna be deliberately taking people out of course (I want to be clear this isn’t what I am advocating here), but no point burdening yourself with guilt when people drive like that guy and he ends up getting spun out. I know first hand top drivers have pretty much zero remorse for some of the outrageous stuff they do.

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Agree 100%.

I find in iRacing the same sort of thing happens. Inevitably, some guy I’m racing with does something completely dumb and unexpected and when he wrecks off my bumper, he gets upset with me. Just sort of have to shrug your shoulders and say, “sorry, you did something dumb, didn’t mean to wreck you”, and move on with it.

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Iracing seems to have folks who tend to get shouty at folks for their own mistakes. That’s gaming in general though.

It can’t be worse than raiding with squeakers.

The general rule says if you are not inside the person at turn in, then contact is your fault. But on corner exit I think significant contact is usually the lead karts fault. It is hard to run over someone on corner exit unless they completely mess up. You can not drive waiting to confirm they will not mess up. I agree he seemed to be trying to get back to the racing line right when you would them going corner out.

I put a lot of responsibility on the passing driver to make the clean pass, but I still do not see this as your fault. The only thing you had going for you is he messed up the corner before also. So you had some information that he was a bit of a mess. Still that always leaves me torn between staying clear and hurry up and get past.

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At first look it’s could seem like a little your fault but at second glance it’s him being dumb. You didn’t catch up to him until he turned in hard and lost a bunch of speed. He practically breakers mid corner. You were taking the racing line. I think he was trying to attempt a cut back on the guy in front

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I suspect I will collect a fair amount of footage of me accidentally punting folks at this turn over the years.

Come to think of it, outside of T1, lap 1, I can’t think of too many instances where folks get tangled up on the way out of a turn. Definitely more common to mess up going in as opposed to out. Braking and all that I suppose.

That train has left the station. Unless I intentionally do naughtiness, which I generally dont, I dont feel guilt. Sure, its not fun screwing up and spinning a guy out, but it happens and its normal. I got taken out in t1 of pre. It was not fun but I am pretty sure the kid who did it wasn’t out to get me personally. Me taking this guy out had nothing to do with that though. It was literally the final lap, I was closing and we had no time for offline adventures. He made a mistake and I steamrolled him. Unlike last time, I didnt have a choice, and therefore feel no guilt. This is also a learning moment for my opponent when it comes to this turn, so a good experience for him, but not great in the moment.

Call me a horrible person but I just put that down to rental shenanigans honestly.

It’s just one of those deals. You had a right to be where you were, he had a right to move as he did and the rest is history.

You can definitely dissect it if you wanted… Maybe you could have given yourself more room/time to plan your position based on the first kart vs the one in front of you.

:poop: happens.
Hindsight 2020

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I would say equal fault racing incident. Forget it and move on. :grin:

Raiding with squeakers??? Is that a Britishism?

Squeakers is also used as a term in multiplayer video gaming (with comms) in the USA.

A squeaker is a pre-adolescent kid, typically male, swearing like a dockworker in their still falsetto voice.

Dom! Shame on You!! You had the inside line and didn’t leave enough racing room! That is totally your fault. He obviously didn’t know you were there when he turned in. Someone of your experience and level of driving should know better!


That guy was a tool. And not a useful one. Any decent racer knows where they are in relation to those behind and in front of them. He clearly had no idea your were coming up the inside and was going for a late apex move that obviously didn’t pay off. Situational Awareness! I am shocked you didn’t lose more time shoving him out of the way than you did. Good job Bro!