Any experience with Zamp and Bell helmets?

I’m considering a Zamp helmet and would be very grateful for feedback. I’ve read various bits and pieces but the details have been kind of light.

The three models are: RZ-36, RZ-59 and RZ-62.

Also, I’d love to know about the size of the view port on the Zamp because I would like to have good peripheral vision and I wear glasses. I did ping Zamp but they have not provided any specifics/measurements.

I’m also considering the Bell M8 as a stretch.

If there are others that I should consider, I’d be grateful for that information, too.

Thank you.

I currently us the Zamp RZ 70E Switch White. quality is decent, dont really have any complaints about it! variety of visors are decent too

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I have a similar older version, I think it was the RZ-35. The fit I would call true to size. The liner is removable for washing and overall a good value for a Snell SA helmet. The view is decent but doesn’t offer as much lower view like to look at your tach without looking down. If you don’t really need the SA rating the FS-9 is a less expensive albeit only Snell M rated. That helmet also offered removable liner and has a wider field of view. I know some are worried about weight and while I don’t have exact weights it is a reasonable amount but certainly not the lightest. Also the color options are fairly limited. The black is kind of a porous surface that is tough to keep clean but the white is a gloss finish.

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Zamp quality is fine, but I’m not crazy about fitment. Every driver I’ve seen wearing a Zamp has some awkward angle of head posture and I’ve seen a lot of younger drivers have to constantly adjust the helmet on-track.

Bell quality is about the same as Zamp but the fit is better in most cases.

Either way it’s important to try helmets on if you can or have the ability to return a helmet if you buy online. Some brands fit different head shapes better than others, and getting the helmet to fit you is one of the more important aspects. Bell tends to fit wider or rounded heads better.

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I’ve been using Zamp for years and love mine, I have a 2015 model rz-44c if I recall (carbon). No issues with fitment, only complaint is the vent duct pieces don’t fit as nice as they could (I think this has been fixed on the newer models). With the removable inner cheek pads and skull cap you do have the ability to customize the fit also. I do know on the models with the extended front lip like mine drivers with shorter necks (not me) can sometimes have issues depending on how they hold their head and if they wear a neck collar.


I have seen similar and heard complains of them riding up at speed. I have never had a problem with a bell.


We got my son a Zamp youth helmet this year. It is super light, looks awsome. The release to open the visor is difficult for a kid to open and he gas been having the helmet ride up when he hits bumps so at most tracks that means he has to reach up and push it down. We ordered the exact right size based on their charts (had to ordet online due to pandemic). My wife contacted zamp today and spoke to someone about possibly getting different sized foam inserts. They were going to have one of their technical people contact us. To be honest we dont have a clue if it is too tight, too loosr or just a bad design. We will see how the handle it. Its a beautiful helmet but if we cant get it to stay in place its an expensive paper weight…

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Hindsight 20/20

I was forced to buy a Zamp at the track after my old HJC Helmet aged out a failed tech. The vendor at the race series only sold Zamp, so I was forced to buy one. Honestly I can’t stand the visor, it constantly comes unhooked and has been the bain of my existence since I bought it.

So I swear by HJC price vs. quality. Zamp isn’t horrible, but IMHO there are better options out there.

So I run the HJC in areas where tech is light, and the Zamp only when I’m forced too. I have only gone HJC when purchasing helmets for my kids, who also race. They are just better quality, more confortable, and price comparable options out there compared to the Zamp.

My .02 cents

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@Brianf60 - please note I’m not a helmet expert. My understanding is that the helmet is supposed to be snug and not move. When new, it should form to your head and the comfort comes from the forming.

Probably worth starting a topic on how do you know the helmet fit is good because I’m sure people here have ‘been there, done that’.

To be honest - the looks are not a big consideration. It just has to protect my noggin, be comfortable i.e. not move around/ride up, have good visibility, low wind noise would be great.

I have been using Zamp for a couple years now. First I bought the one that comes painted. Had an issue with it because there was an “extended” part of the helmet across the bottom of the front of the helmet and I couldn’t look down. I then got the RZ-59 and I am fan of it. Good visors, good fit, venting is ok. For the price it is a great option. I also have my kids using them too. The only issue for them is unlocking the shield to raise it up.

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Yeah I’m not a fan of helmet with a chin bar/lip for karting because to me that could be pretty brutal on your collarbones in an accident.

The Zamp helmets with a chin bar have an especially aggressive one, but if you get one without the chin bar it might not ride up as bad or fit a bit better.

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i have the budget zamp rz-59. i previously had the bottom end racequip, and it rode up on my head during the race, and was distracting. the zamp is tighter in the cheeks, for me, and stays put. i don’t mind the visor, as i’ve had other helmets that operate the same way, so it’s no big deal. for the money, i’d recommend it. got mine at summit racing.

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You have to try helmets on. Like has been said 100x, what one person loves, another will hate. I buy a specific brand because it fits my weird shaped head and is in my price range.


Harjit – As a counter punch, I’ve got a Bell M-8 Carbon Fiber with one of their chin bar Gurney add-ons to keep the helmet down (not riding up) at speed. They are not cheap, and, as has been pointed out by others, fit can be a challenge from brand to brand. However, I have found the Bell to fit quite well (never as well as the great fitting Arai’s). It has a large face shield opening for those of us who wear glasses, and it is also very light. I weighed it on a scale against several others and it won, in some cases by as much as a full pound. I do not know how protective other helmets are, but I subjected the Bell to a 50 mph full flip last October and it gave me complete protection – even though I landed head first.
If you are karting for the long haul, the cost of the helmet keeps coming down as measured in dollars per mile. Then again, I’m pretty carefree with other people’s money… :upside_down_face:

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It can be hard to find places that stock kids Snell approved helmetd.nthat is why ordred online. Originally I bought my son an XS adult HJC helmet. We were very happy with it but as he started to go faster he was complaining about his neck being sore after driving for long periods. Then I found out that kids helmets are lighter. So we switched for saftey. His Zamp helmet seems to fit properly but something is not right. If we cant help from Zamp i will have to buy a different brand. Maybe now that Covid has eased we can find a place with them in stock and a knowledgable sales person.

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