Zamp Helmet Models For Karting?

So I’m shopping for a new helmet as my current one is way out of date.

They seem to have a lot of models, wondering who has a Zamp and if so, what model and what do they think of it?

I guess car or karting would be fine.

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@AndreLafond had Zamp for karting

I have a RZ-36 and I like it. It does ride up a bit after a few laps, so I have to make sure it’s snug and adjust it every now and then.

It’s a good budget helmet for now. My sons wear Zamp youth helmets and have had no issues.

I’ve been seeing this mentioned a lot. Not sure
If I want to keep adjusting the thing :laughing:

Yeah, it seems their sizing is a bit large, but I’m pretty sure a size down wouldn’t fit me :man_shrugging:t4:

When we started karting 6 years ago I bought two ZAMP RZ-35’s for my son and me. I believe they are now the RZ-36. That have served us well but I would agree as they have aged the padding has packed out and they fit looser now and can tilt back, but likely this is not enough to justify a smaller size. The liner is removable for cleaning and I believe they sell different cheek pads too to adjust fit. We have some at our track that use the FS-9 motorcycle helmet and seem pleased. I will likely replace mine with the FS-9 model next year.

My wife got me this one for my birthday a couple of months ago. Less than $200, comfortable and meets SA2020 standards.

My son both have Zamp youth helmets. My oldest boy had issues last year with it riding up but not this year. We may have sized it wrong.

I want to add that my son had a bad crash and the helmet did its job. Zamp gavels s 50% of the replacement helmet and shield (we had bought a tinted shield). Their customer service was great.


What’s your budget for a helmet? Zamps will work fine, though I have heard about the riding up issue and I’m not a big fan of their interior material. For a karting specific model, I am always going to recommend Stilo, Arai, or Bell. You’re paying about twice the money for a karting-only helmet, but to me the quality is worth it, especially for a street race like RIGP.

They ride up and I see so many kids adjusting them on track. I don’t like the chin bar either.

Arai, Bell, or Stilo and be done with it. Or Sparco if you want to be different.


Fair question. I’d say up to $400.

Noticed this. Why is that? They seem to have a smaller aperture which is nice.

$400 is a little tough. The Stilo ST5 KRT and Arai SK-6 are about $650, the Bell RS7-K runs $700, but the Bell K1 Sport is $460.

Not sure about all the others, but Stilo uses the same shell for the ST5 KRT and ST5 FN. The FN is the formula car model, and regulations have brought in smaller eyeports for safety since the drivers heads are exposed.

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I’ve had a zamp helmet before and it was okay. It’s fair for the price but it rides up on your head a ton like everyone mentioned. I’d really recommend just finding the stilo karting helmet on sale as it’s a lot more than $200 better. I have no experience with bell karting helmets but in cars I’ve really enjoyed them.

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My Son wears a RZ-62C and we have been happy with it. I have owned many top brand helmets in my lifetime and I would say that Zamp puts out a very nice product for the price point.

Second this 100% I always see people pulling the helmet down during races. I use the Bell RS7K and am very happy! Definitely have eyes on a Stilo though…

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I assumed they made the chin bar so big so you could grab it and pull it down cause its always riding up! rim shot

Zamp FS-9 Karting Helmet I recently bought this one, I previously used a Bell, Racequip RR helmet and HJC Motorcycle helmet and I like this best and feels much lighter then the others.

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Have you tried it on bump tracks at all?

I have a Zamp RZ-70 SA 2020 helmet. We race predominantly at Fremont OH which is not terribly bumpy (there are a few) but very busy. Generally I like the helmet but did find it tends to ride up sometimes. I found that a head sock seems to minimize that problem and helps keep the liner clean(er). I didn’t have much of a problem with the helmet riding up at Elkhart and there are some whacking great bumps in turn four. Made me very happy to be wearing a rib vest.

I sent a message to Product 41 to see what their thoughts are on Zamp helmets riding up while karting. Seems like quite a few owners have experienced it.

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