Any word on the Briggs Bankruptcy?

Ive Google a bit, but haven’t found any mention on what effect the Bankruptcy might have on their racing program, has anyone heard any comments from Briggs in that regard?

I’m thinking of switching my son from Honda to Briggs for next summer, but am curious what may happen with Briggs.

I haven’t read or heard anything yet on the future of the racing program, but I did get a letter from their chapter 11 firm regarding debts.

That said, my personal hunch is that the engine will continue to be used for some time.

Are you in Canada? Asking since you’re on a Honda… unless it’s a GXH50

Yes I’m in Canada, one of the very few clubs still running Honda in this area, most are Briggs for 4 stroke. I like the idea of moving to Briggs so my son can run at other clubs, run in the regional and national series etc. As it stands I would have to have both Honda for his local club and Briggs engine for everywhere else

Ugh, that’s frustrating. At least they are both economical to run.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a Briggs. There are so many being used right now in Canada they won’t be disappearing too soon. I personally love this class because it so competitive and reasonably priced.

I agree, I think the way that Briggs handles the sealed aspect of the motors is genius. I remember racing Rotax Max some 17 or 18 years ago myself, and there was always the question of who was the best Rotax guy, even within that particular guy, were you getting the best motor, or were all the best bits being saved for some other guys. I love the idea of sealed short blocks, and only needing to service the heads, and frankly I think Honda totally missed the boat on this, they could have done a sealed GX200 program 15 years ago, but i seem to recall Honda’s official stance being they did not endorse their engines being used for karting.

Speaking of bankruptcy, has anyone here heard anything about x1 boston and x1 outdoors being sold? my favorite track by far, pretty sad.

While I was at the Battle at the Brickyard, Briggs’ top guy for their racing division stated that it was business as usual and that they weren’t going anywhere. Now, I’ve heard words like that before, and different actions taken the very next day, but with the support they have from racers, I’d tend to believe those words.

Thats good to hear. Hopefully the new owners of Briggs and Stratton continue to see value in their racing division.

New owners??? I don’t see anything about new owners, just a reorganization.

Perhaps I misread, I think it was an offer to buy, rather than a confirmed sale, my bad.

Sure reads as though a sale is in the works, even mentions a new collective bargaining agreement for the employees.

“KPS is committed to the expeditious acquisition of Briggs & Stratton to provide certainty of outcome and confidence in the new company’s future for all of its stakeholders, including customers, employees and suppliers,” Michael Psaros, co-founder and co-managing partner of KPS, said in statement.”

Agreed, doesn’t sound good for the long term, especially with the big paycut for those that remain.


Evidently I should have read it more closely.

Some links I found…

Aug 10th

Jul 20th

Jul 20th

How do iame, rotax and Briggs make their actual living? What’s their main product?

IAME (Italian American) are a dedicated karting manufacturer closely tied with Parilla (Another karting brand, not to be confused with aprillia). They’ve been around karting almost since it’s beginning.

Rotax is owned by BRP, a huge recreational product company with brands including SkiDoo. Jetskis, snowmobiles and all sorts of fun stuff.

Briggs are just over 100 years old I think, lots of different products, engines, power washers, generators. Briggs Racing, which is where the 206 lives, is more-or-less a marketing\awareness program for Briggs’ brand.

While we’re here…

Vortex is a karting only brand that popped onto the karting scene in the mid 90’s.


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Briggs and Stratton stock has been demoted to penny stock land (e.g., pink sheets’) and is/was trading at 12 cents a share. It also looks like a sale was just approved , but the details of the article about the sale are fairly vague.

Wondering what words/ideas are being kicked around in the karting orgs/retailers about all of it. Am not a briggs driver, but am interested since 206 is such a big part of karting in general these days.

Sorry to hear this, I’d like to hope for the best but I doubt the new owners will put any money into anything but the most profitable parts. I rather doubt the kart engines would be part of that.

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