Are MXC wheels worth the money?

(TJ Koyen) #21

MXLs have a tiny bit more grip than the MXCs, but they are very low volume so they still keep the tire in a good temperature window. We’ve done some testing on them recently including this past weekend in Vegas.

(Chris Bany) #22

I have two sets of the old IPK mag wheels. I think one set I bought from you, Dan.

(Paul Montopoli) #23

I was just in Italy and met the AMV guys, AMV make the KR wheels, and they have a new process for producing wheels (and other magnesium components) which allows for the components to be 100% magnesium and hence not porous. Other wheels are apparently not 100% magnesium thus porous. If the wheel/magnesium is not porous this allows AMV not paint the wheel which in turn allows for better heat transfer. They saY the MXC wheels have a thin layer of clear coat reducing the heat transfer through the wheel.

They said World Champion Travisanutto has recognized the AMV wheel for its superior performance.

AMV has different wheels and is made to fit other hub sizes other than the CRG bigger front hub

(James McMahon) #24

Those two items seem like they would be easy for the maker of OTK wheels to address?

I’m dubious on 100% magnesium… surely there’s other metals in there?

(Marin Vujcich) #25

Nope, wont be 100% magnesium, as this is pretty much useless as it has not strength. It has to be an alloy to make it useful

(James McMahon) #26

That’s what I thought but I’m not a metallurgist.

(Bryan Williams ) #27

What’s funny is a buddy who I helped wrench with at the supernats 22 has 3 sets of the new MXL wheels. Ran the stock MXJ all weekend. Also allot of other OTK drivers where in stock wheels.

(James McMahon) #28

One thing I did notice when looking up properties of mag wheels… they have much better damping qualities vs “regular” aluminum alloy.

Given that some of us think different axle types are more to do with damping vs “hardness”… sounds pretty plausible.

(Marin Vujcich) #29

Maybe they felt that not being pemanent track the rubber didnt go down enough to justify them?

(Aaron Hachmeister) #30

I don’t think the track ever really gripped up, so there wouldn’t be any need to take grip out of the kart by changing wheels.

I think tracks that take a lot of grip, say Pro Tour events or CIK-FIA events where they use super soft compounds, would find the MXC or MXL wheels much more beneficial.

(Bryan Williams ) #31

Yeah for sure. The track at the rio never really rubberd up. Struggled for grip all weekend in the KZ class.

(TJ Koyen) #32

We tried the stock wheels and didn’t like them. They might’ve worked for us on Wednesday or Thursday when the track was really green, but for us they overheated way too quickly from Thursday onward. I was MXCs from the get go and Ramsey switched between MXC and MXL.

(James McMahon) #33

Makes the think…maybe IR sensors at the wheels would glean interesting data… even help with wheel selection :thinking:

(Bryan Williams ) #34

What class where you running Tj?

(TJ Koyen) #35

KA100 Sr. (20 characters)

(Dan Schlosser) #37

Do you still use them Chris? Great wheel as long as you use quality bead locks.

(Chris Kutscher) #38

Is there a reliable source in the US to get AMV wheels? I found them on eBay UK, but would look elsewhere before I went that far to get them.

Also, any opinions from the group on FTP wheels? I can’t find anything on them, but marketed as a comparable to MXC wheels. Is FTP the in-house brand for Fastech, because they don’t seem to have a website of their own and only Fastech carries their stuff.

(Noah Koenig) #39

Jamie at Franklin(Merlin) sells them.

(Thomas Williams) #40

I contacted them and was told that they were setting up a logistics/distribution hub in California, and substantial stock would be on hand after Jan 2019. For the current line, they would suggest their model 3F as being closest to the OTK MXC/MXL and good for medium classes like Tag. The 9F would be for high grip classes like CIK level racing (OK and gearbox).

(Chris Kutscher) #41

Thank you for the replies.

So anyone heard of the FTP wheels linked above?