Are MXC wheels worth the money?

I have read conflicting opinions on this. Have you guys tried them and seen an improvement to justify the cost? We run lo206 with evinco blues. I have only seen a couple of karts with them. Most guys run Douglas mags.

I don’t think they would be necessarily worth it on an LO206, but definitely in something with more horsepower or in higher grip scenarios.

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Short answer… unlikely.

I think the first thing is to determine what’s different about them. I don’t buy into the idea of different “stiffness” of wheels. The sidewalls are of order of magnitude softer. I’m open to hearing some sort of rational argument though.

There’s a definite difference in volume and heat dissipation between wheels though…

It might be a bit simplistic, but if you’re seeing more than 2psi growth over the course of a session and you are using either dry air or nitrogen… it’s probably time to look at wheel material.

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What is it with the MXC that make them so popular other than heir cool bronze color?

They are OTK branded so that always adds to the appeal.

If you ever drive real grip and use them you will know. They are made from forgings not cast. Which no one else does. Hence the cost, besides the OTK stamp…

If you watch euro kart racing, you will notice everyone runs them no matter what the kart brand.

I would try them if you are looking for a free rear end…but try before you buy if you can.

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Have we had “real grip” since MXC’s even became a thing? :smiley:

Whatever difference forged makes I’m surprised nobody else has tried to offer their own version of it. Cost prohibitive maybe, but I would imagine Tinnini Group and IPK would have the klout in volume. :confused:

Sorry didn’t mean to be derogatory, I meant compared to the tyre on the LO206 class. But still talking to chaps that have raced in Europe, the rubber and grip there is at another level.

I have a set of MXC that I only put on it big meets when the grip comes up. You would swear you were driving a different kart.

As far as others offering a similar product, in my experience as an engineer if no one else is doing it and it works there probably is some patent issue in the background.

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The fact that tire sidewalls are side relative to the other components does not preclude wheel stiffness from effecting the overall performance of the system.

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I’m listening and eager to hear more. I’m having a hard time rationalizing that a rim/wheel deflects in a measurable way on a kart. Are you saying that you’ve observed that they do? In what plane(s).

You’re good, I was just busting your chops :wink:

There are a couple wheels that are close. The Kart Republic wheels are supposedly just as good if not better than the OTK brand, but they’re made on the CRG standard bolt pattern which limits their usability for many people.

Douglass SE wheels are probably the next best in terms of what the MXC’s are known for with much less of a price, at least from what I’ve heard. iPK uses them as does Parolin. I got a used set for my Kosmic when I ran it, although I never did a back to back comparison between the stock OTK wheels and them.

I’ve seen Merlins with a new very shiny gold wheel. I’ve yet to ask the Merlin guys about it but I see those on Merlins every once in a while.

CRG also has three sets of wheels. I typically run the gold set which seemed to put the most grip in the karts. I tried their black wheels but the kart just felt like it was skating the whole time while I was on them, so I’ve stuck with the gold set this year.

I agree with you James; I don’t really understand how wheels are supposed to flex, but the team said the gold wheels were stiffer and there was a noticeable difference between the two sets I tried.

They are lower volume, stiffer, and forged magnesium. They keep the tire from overheating. The material is probably the more important part rather than the stiffness. I’ve done several tests back-to-back against MXJs, Douglas SE or LV, and a few other odds and ends and it’s noticeable.

In KA or X30 I run the MXCs almost exclusively in race trim.

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Agree TJ, if you need to free the kart up i.e. lower power classes, MXC’s would definatley help.

I have yet to find a reason not to run MXCs. The only exception I’ve found is the old IPK wheel that is no longer made (was also the J3 branded wheel for awhile). I even run the MXCs on our 206 karts, somewhat regrettably. They are just better. But my argument is more their lack of deflection, particularly on the loaded outside front corner, is what makes them different. And the consistency with the MXC is unbeatable.

Should they cost double what everything else does? In terms of what the cost is to make them, no. In terms of what they do for your tuning program, yes.

Btw - the new shiny gold wheels are Swift wheels. I believe that is the same thing the KR guys are using now as well. Could be wrong on the latter.

Btw2 - if you can find the IPK mag wheels, test them and see if you like them. I personally think they are the equal of the MXC.

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So how much more are these? I ask because I have to get a set of rain wheels and could swap out if they are that good. Is it even worth it for a newish karter to get these?

Edit: holy crap those are expensive… 600 plus for a set?

Forgot to add that last part - they are stupid expensive and only worth it if you are looking for that lady tenth maybe. Not a sensible purchase for most until you run out of the sensible things to do. :smiley:

Lady tenth? I’d settle for less than a lady if it meant a tenth!

But yes I’ll hold off there as I need a second as opposed to a tenth.

I just checked the KartSport NA website, the KR wheels are AMV wheels, about $450 a set. I’ve never heard of AMV before, I don’t know anything about them.

I didn’t know Swift made wheels, I’ve mostly heard of people getting their axles to use as supposedly they’re very good replicas to OEM brands.

I don’t know if these are the same wheels you’re talking about, but Comet has Douglas SE’s for $230 a set, which is a good deal. They look like the set I have of the old Douglas wheels to replicate the MXC, so I believe it’s the same but I do not know for sure.

I have been using the swift wheels interchangeably with our mxc’s. Identical as far as I am concerned.

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Seems MXC’s are really hard to come across in the used market, and when they do come up they go quickly.

Many retailers are out of stock on them too as they were replaced with MXL’s.

So anyone tried MXL’s and care to report if they are comparible to MXC’s?

Anyone got a set of MXC’s in good shape they want to sell me?