Are MXC wheels worth the money?

Has anyone tried the Swift MXC copy? Ad states, they are forged and machined. They are about 1/3 cheaper than MXCs.

Hey Larry, I have a set of the Swift shiny gold wheels. I’ve been happy with them, but have never done back to back tests with the MXC to truly compare performance difference.

I need to swap around tires this weekend so I’ll see if I can get pictures comparing the wheel profile between MXC and the Swift.

I don’t know anything about how material, geometry, etc of wheels impacts the kart… I just know that when I look at the kart that won, it almost always has MXC’s on it.

But you can see not every brand is using the mxc. Sodi for example soes nit use them. I tested them on my sodi with mojo d5 and there was no benefit against my douglas lv. Maybe on very hot conditions you will gain some but on normal conditions i didnt see any benfit.

Was able to take comparison pictures. MXC on top, Swift shiny gold on bottom. Outside of wheel facing to the right. As you can see the profiles of the wheels are almost exactly the same. The backspacing was the same as well so I’d say the shiny gold Swift wheels are an exact copy of the MXC. I can’t speak to differences in the metal or process used to make them (cast vs forged) and how that may affect stiffness. I’ve never been in a situation where I had new tires on each set and run them back to back to compare, but have always treated the swifts as if they were another set of MXCs

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Nice. I think you are saying that the Swift MXC seem to perform the same as the OTK MXC but without back to back testing. I believe there are some guys that are fast that are running the Swifts. We are in the early part of the season weather; At the front, there is mix of MXC, Swift MXC (?) and MXJ, even for the Main.

Swift ads say forged and machined.

Correct I believe the Swift behave very similar to MXC, but have never done a back to back test with fresh tires to truly confirm. I also think you make wheel decisions based on your own circumstances. Faster tracks that rubber up and/or longer races would normally be best to use a MXC-type of wheel. Shorter races, harder tires, and/or lower grip tracks may be best to use MXJ. Bottom line though if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to MXCs I think the shiny gold Swifts are a good option.

Yet another data point, but at this weekend’s Route 66 race at New Castle, it was between 40-65 F all weekend and when it was below 50, MXJ seemed to be preferred for tire warm-up. Once the sun came out Sunday and track temp picked up, I had a couple KA Senior guys switch to MXC as they felt the tires were starting to fall off with the Js. Tire wear indicated them being overheated.

Wheldon annihilated the field on Js in the KA Junior final, but perhaps he could get away with it with lower class weight.

So this particular weekend, I would say 60 F ambient temp was when the MXCs started to make sense. Below that, Js are probably going to be fine.

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One thing I noticed this year, and never thought to mention here, all the RPG drivers in KA ran MXJ’s all year, I’m not sure about the others, but I never saw a set of MXC’s on an RPG.

Allison ran MXCs multiple times in KA in race trim.

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Oh, I only saw him on J’s. I remember noticing that at Ocala and New Castle, although I can’t remember at this point if it was practice or race setup

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He ran on Js too, probably dependent on the track.

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Seems very strange/interesting. Although I have never raced a KA, I would have guessed one would be trying to free up the kart. Could it be that with the hard tire and the lower HP, they were searching for more grip?

The Merlin drivers and Connor Ferris, all of who are no slouch in KA, run AMV 9Fs (Merlin) and AMV KR 3Fs which are far more in the direction of a “free wheel” versus a MXJ.

The Merlin guys have tried all of the AMV wheels. Connor tried the Tiger (spoked wheel, more grip) at Road America and switched back to the KR 3F after a couple of sessions.

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The only time I see OTK drivers on Js is for temp circuits or low grip tracks. To build heat and make grip.

RPG ran Allison on Js and looks like Ls at Winter Tour last weekend.

Last time I ran Road America I tested Cs and Js and the Js were far better. Could not get temp or grip on Cs on that surface.

I’ll keep a closer look for it at Miami next month, didn’t think to pay any attention to it 2 weeks ago.

@Paul_Montopoli I’ve liked the AMV wheels on the WPK, I never tried anything other than the 3F though since I’m always looking to free up the kart. I typically end up around 8 or 9 psi, if not lower, otherwise the kart gets tight within 5 laps and doesn’t rotate.

Little known fact: the 9F, the free-ist AMV wheel, is not available in the 69mm PCD KR pattern. Also the 58mm PCD 3F has a different offset versus the 69mm PCD KR 3F wheel.

Evan Batt and I will run the 58mm PCD AMV wheels this year. We will likely run 3Fs and 9Fs on most tracks.

I have back to back tested the KR 3Fs v the std AMV 3Fs 2x. Lap times were within a couple of hundreds of a second of each other.

I am on the AMV bandwagon. I pretty much run 3F all the time. I found the consistency to be supreme. I stopped using the tigers almost all together.

Tire temp sensors told me the 3F allowed me to run a higher tire pressure and maintain constant better than the tiger.

edit: higher pressure when grip was low or it is cold. as is common in the PNW

I did just order a set of MXC and 9F now that im running x30 and ka. My wheel library is getting large but i enjoy the data. And since i run OTK chassis i figure at some point someone will give me a hard time about being on the AMV wheel.


I like that you are on AMV wheels and running an OTK chassis Tiger with the more inward backspacing will put more heat into the tire.

FYI the Lynx, which is super low volume, is a good alternative to the Tiger.

Lynx supply is very low in the US now, but my stock order from Italy should be arriving soon.

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Curious if there is any difference between 210 vs 212 aspect of the MXC - MXL/MXQ or if that adds a different element to the tyre characteristics. Im looking at replacing a set of my rims to free up the rear and was basically set on the MXC, until I saw MXQ/MXL popup… but notice they have a bigger profile. any comments on that side of things? I would think it would stretch the rim a touch, smooth out the sidewall so less grippy, same way you stretch 180 tires ontop 210 to free up.

Fyi… Douglas is also making 214mm wheels to free up the rear of the kart. I’ll be trying to do some testing once it gets a bit warmer here.