Are MXC wheels worth the money?

Are the 214mm wheel legal? Do you know what the back spacing is?

Here’s an interesting chart on casting vs forgings, which shows a significant difference in yield point between cast and forged and also with much better ductility. With a higher yield point, the wheel can be made thinner, thereby improving thermal conductivity with the same strength. The OTK MXC/MXL/MXQ wheels are forged and therefore cost more to make. The MXJ, Douglas wheels are forged. It may be possible to make a cast wheel with the same thermal conductivity as a forged wheel by clever design (I don’t know how).

They are legal but you may need to check your local series. You will just need to run them at the maximum width allowed by your series. I do not have info on the back spacing

Lindsey, have any thoughts on the difference between MXC and 9F?

I am going to see if we can do a test v MXC. I have had people give me qualitative feedback but I don’t have anything with data. Anyone want to lend a set of MXCs for the test?

Qualitatively this is what I have heard:


This is a continuum of grip provided by the wheel with most grip being on the left and least on the right.

@Muskabeatz has driven more wheels, especially OTK wheels, than I have so he may have additional thoughts on this.

What’s the next big race you’ll be at? I’ve got a pile of MXCs and really want to try a set of AMVs before pulling the trigger, but no one local has a set.