Ask any questions about karting data analysis using Race Studio

(James McMahon) #29

If it’s an air cooled two stroke id lean towards CHT since they are typically easier to make jetting adjustments on the fly with. KT, HPV etc.

Water cooled, I’d lean towards EGT

(Jeff Colegrove) #30

What are you looking to get out of GSUM? Are you a shifter driver or TAG?

GG is easy, fire up an X-Y plot, right click and set your X axis as GPS_LATACC and select GPS_LONACC as the Y axis variable by clicking on it in the measures and laps window.

I cover using GSUM and slip in my intermediate Race Studio Class.

I also encourage my customers to use a math channel to derive corner radius and use that to compare lap/lap or driver/driver when they don’t have a steering angle sensor.

(Nik Goodfellow) #31

I was recommending it be explained for everyone else. I already use it and have for years. [quote=“NikG, post:18, topic:79”]
I use these things but its not my full time job so don’t have a problem with the rest of the world know it.


(mike kuper) #32

I have installed the Mychron 5 2T . Ive only had one test session using it but so far I really like it. I am sure I am missing it in the manual but I have an EGT however the Mychron displays CHT. I cant seem to figure out how to change it?

(Jeff Colegrove) #33

Assuming you’re on current firmware, the label displayed is converted back and forth depending on the value the sensor outputs. Below 600 or so it reads as cht, above and it will read as egt. It’s almost impossible to get your egt over 600 on the stand, and you’ll probably never notice the small label change on track.

It will always log property though.

(mike kuper) #34

Great. I was seeing it on the stand so that makes sense.

(Jeff Colegrove) #35

G-Sum is basically just some trigonometry done with the frictin circle of the kart. Imagine looking down on the top of the kart and seeing the friction circle laid out and watching the load move as you progress through the different phases of a corner.

At any different phase of the corner you’re likely to have G forces acting laterally and longitudinally on the kart (X & Y axis). Gsum is essentially the hypotenuse of the lateral and longitudinal grip acting on the vehicle.

Gsum gives you an indication of how much total grip you’re extracting and using from the kart, tires, track conditions, etc.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #36

Hey there @racer474,
If you’re interested in a video on GSum, I did a video with Roger Caddel, the national AIM training rep about what it is and how to use it here.

See full video series playlist below:

(mike kuper) #37

Thanks, I am still getting used to the data logger, I definitely can geek out on this stuff.

(Paul Fox) #38

thanks for the videos, definitely need to get better at understanding the info after a session.

(Tony Zambos) #39

How to add a new track to the Mychron 5 at the track. Last weekend we raced at a kart tack the was not in the MyChron track data base and it sandwiched between two auto tracks that were. The circuit was comprise of both a permanent kart track and a temporary addition. Maybe a video or set of instructions would be helpful for others.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #40

The Mychron should have traced where you were going, if you were on a temporary section of the track via the GPS. Can you share a screenshot of what your Race Studio was telling you when you updated your session data?

(Tony Zambos) #41

The issue was me but think others should know. I believed that I has set the Mychron to “enable learning” on the first session but was surprised by the download into RS that there was just one big lap. I believe that we should have left the M5 on after the session, named the new track and set a location for the start/finish line.
If you can confirm the actions necessary to create a new track map with a MyChron 5 using GPS, it might help the next person. thanks

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #42

Does the ‘How to Create a Track Map’ video answer your questions? Give it a look and let me know. :slight_smile:

(Tony Zambos) #43

Watched the video and this is not the answer to me question. It describes how to generate a track in Race Studio using accelerometers.
So lets start over. The situation is that it’s the first time at a new track. I have a Mychorn 5. AiM does not have a map of this track in its data base, so there is no existing GPS coordinates loaded in the M5. The MyChron has to learn this new track. What are the steps to have the M5 learn the track, set the start finish line and name the track? For this conversation, Race Studio does not exist.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #44

Well, that’s why I asked. You need to drive around the track a few times for the Mychron5 to know where you are. I think you have to do a minminum of three laps, so that there are enough GPS coordinates for the logger to trace where you are at.

If it doesn’t pull a track from the database when you first show up, It uses the GPS and accelerators to ‘draw’ the initial track, which then you can then pull the track map out of Race Studio using the steps in the video, and name it what you need to.

(Eric Gunderson) #45

What Davin said, to a ‘T.’ The MyChron 5 system can teach itself a track. Or at least, it can show your driving line. We’ve done this driving around near shops before and it shows the lines of the path perfectly.

(Don Westlie) #46

Need to go through and watch the videos. Just picked up a 5 and I figured “how hard could this be”. Well yeah. I got the data there. Have no idea what I’m looking at LOL

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #47

Well, that’s why we made the videos :slight_smile:

(Rick Brown ) #48

Just used my Mychron 5 for the 1st time last weekend, I had to use the “learning” feature since the track wasn’t in the database. Everything worked great but I screwed up the naming of the track and placement of the start/finish line. Is there a way to fix this without waiting to go back to the track and repeat the process again?