Ask any questions about karting data analysis using Race Studio

(Wilson Fernandez) #49

Yes, but first you will have to download the track to Race Studio 3.

First connect your Mychron to the program ( in the upper right there is a wifi logo, there you should find your it, if not its wifi must be turned off; go to the wifi options in your Mychron and turn it on) If you have set a password, the program will ask for it (if you haven’t, you definitely should!)

Once connected, click on the track thumbnail in Race Studio 3, should be near the top. Now select your Mychron (should be on the lower left of the program) all the tracks stored in it will apper on the right list, including the track you wish to edit its name.

Before doing this you first have to download this track. Select it by clicling on his check box, then click download (or something similar, sorry don’t remember the name now, I’m typing on my phone) now this track should appear on the left list, ready for editing. Click on the gear thumbnail nail on the right of the track name select “open for editing”. Now you can edit its name, beacon position and some more options, before leaving this windos click on “save”.

Finally, you have to transmit the edited track to your mychron, to do so select it from the left track list and click “transmit”.

Hope it helps!

(Rick Brown ) #50

Thanks Wilson, worked great!

(Rick Brown ) #51

Now that I’ve done my first race with the Mychron 5 I’m beginning to analyze the data. I’ve been checking out the lateral G’s and the GPS speed tracer with the GPS track map. I also divided the track into sectors and have been analyzing the lap time reports and sector times. I need to watch the GoPro footage and check out my lines on my best laps vs my worst laps. Any suggestions on other things to analyze? I’m really digging this so far.

(TJ Koyen) #52

We like to compare minimum speeds. That can help tell you how well you’re rolling through the slowest corner, which is pretty indicative of how you’re rolling through most corners. Also watching the speed trace or RPM trace can show you any wonky engine-related things, like if you’re losing power somewhere and you can compared things like gear changes or carb adjustments back-to-back to see where it helped/hurt.

(Eric Gunderson) #53

I believe so. You can rename the track in Race Studio 3, or even just editing the name in the file once you’ve uploaded it.

You can use a ‘beacon shift’ feature in Race Studio 2 to alter where the s/f line is (which is represented by the beacon). It’s not the best way to do it perhaps, but a method. Another way you can use is to use the “GPS Lap Insert” Feature if you have someone elses data with the correct track map and s/f line.

(Eric Gunderson) #54

@TJ Koyen to build off of this (excellent comment) we often look at average RPM for roughing in gearing if I know where peak power is for the engine. There are more complicated ways to do it with the engine analysis tools, but interestingly we have found that looking at average RPM gets you within 1-2 teeth most of the time.

(Don Westlie) #55

@DavinRS is there a specific video that shows how to get the track map in the data. I can not seem to get a map… Watched a few, scanned others, I may have missed it.

I did figure out a lot of things to do on the videos. Thanks for putting it together. :+1:

(Rob Bone) #56

You should be able overlay the video with data. I’ve been told about dashware, but have not used it yet. Probably better than buying the $800 camera from AIM.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #57

Here you go! - “Understanding Track Maps”

(Dom Callan) #58

Also race render will allow you to pull in data and have gauges displaying that data. Of course, you have to synchronize it, which I don’t know how to do yet.

If you look at this video, you will see that the speedo is about 1/2 sec out of synch with the video, for example. Lap times and speed are from race render using the data from gopro file.

(Rob Bone) #59

If you can sync all clocks on the devices, should be to able align data, sensors, and video. I’m sure this is a setting some where.

(Hugh Janis) #60

Racerenderer has two sync tools located under the input window. Basically open it and drag the timelines around until they match up. If it’s a short clip just line up shift points with the audible shift from the video. If it’s longer start by lining up the timecode then adjusting based on some sort of audible event (like I said, I usually just use shifts points).

(Dom Callan) #61

Thanks. Will try to figure it out.

(Rick Brown ) #62

Aim racestudio software isn’t compatible with a Mac?

(Eric Gunderson) #63

@Racer_Rick12 unfortunately not, unless you dual boot. I have seen it done, but it isn’t as common. The good news is that the software isn’t super computationally intensive, so you can have an older laptop run it, albeit perhaps slower.

I have a thinkpad t430s from 2013 that runs it fine.

(Tony Zambos) #64

With a quick check this morning, found new name brand pc’s for less than $300, some under $200.

(James McMahon) #65

MacOS (in current form) is not likely to happen, not worth the development effort. I believe iOS was considered, so that might make it more feasible to run on Mac laptops and desktops if they go ahead with the planned porting to a new architecture.

So like Eric pointed out your options are dual boot or virtualization.

(Raeffer Govoni) #66

I want to try and measure oversteer and understeer by subtracting actual steering from calculated steering. Is the gyro sensor in mychron5 good enough to do this. Any direction as to math channels needed to acheive this??

(Tony Zambos) #67

Here is a link to an Aim article on writing math channels. It contains a formula for calculating over & understeer. The article was written before RS3 but RSA should not have changed a great deal.

(Randy Norian) #68

Hi- I have what seems to be a simple question, but I haven’t been able to figure this out. I am sharing some specific data with my tuner, and want to clip or truncate my test session down to a specific portion. ie: I capture an acceleration run from a slow corner down a long straight. I just want to share this piece of the session for his feedback. rather than giving him 15 minutes worth of data and telling him to look at some specific point. Can I trim or export a specific portion from a full data session- the same way you’d trim a video clip? Thanks, and thanks for all the great info in this thread!