Bee Karting Kazakhstan

Very impressed having tried the indoor in Almaty (which is rubbish). Bee Karting is actually very well done, decent karts, quick enough. Indoors under Eurasia Mall, set up in one of the basement parking lots - considering it’s like -15 deg F outside, it’s great. Did 2x 30m stints for $47, laps are short I was running low 25s, a little bit technical and quite a smooth surface. Was quite funny the guys running the place kept coming out to try and beat me when there were no other punters on track (they couldn’t, my 95kg was giving me better traction hahaha)

Anyone happens to be out this way, highly recommended to turn a few laps.

Very cool. I think you probably have karted at the most exotic location possible. Did you happen to get any shots?

Only the leader board, I’ll try to go again Tuesday. Pretty sure I can bust into 24s. 25.06 was tantalizingly close

Pricing similar to states, interestingly.

Interesting, it’s a little more than a third of the price compared to uae

I cant speak for most of the USA but I would say your basic rental kart session is 15-20 bucks. If you buy in bulk you get it down to 10, generally. If addicted, I’m sure something can be worked out with facility.

usually shorter sessions here though, $25 for 10 minutes. pretty expensive in the states id say

Actually, yah. Hadn’t considered length. Pretty much all rental sessions are 10 mins I have seen. So, Bee is a Bargain! :honeybee:

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