Best 4 stroke engine mount?

I’m looking for a new engine mount for my son’s kart, as it’s a huge pain in the ass to make a sprocket change. I’ve been looking at Odenthal and the QPT (quick precision tension) mounts.

We have used many mounts and have found the Odenthal to be the best for us. If I were choosing between mounts, I would lean toward Odenthal or JTP.

I use Odenthal EZ Set on everything single speed.

I use Odenthal Briggs Mount seems to work good.

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+3 on Odenthal, thats what I have and its great.

I have an odelthal and I love it

We have the Performance Manufacturing mount with sliding top plate on all of karts. It makes adjustments and gear changes a breeze.

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Add me to the vote for Odenthal

I use JTP but I have had some occurrences where I hit the mount plate and have thrown some chains. This is generally when there is an aggressive curb

Repeating what basically everyone has already said… Odenthal. Just got mine not too long ago! Great quality and solid!

I was reading a lessions learned guide that Briggs Racing produced, and they even referenced Odenthal by name as a mount they recommend. I was suprised they name dropped like that.

Thanks everyone, I’ll check into who’s selling Odenthal near me…or I’ll just say screw it and design my own haha.

Seriously starting to kick around the idea.

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If you are going to build your own then consider adding the ability to adjust the chain tension from the top side.

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Yeah I’ve been tossing around a couple options for that.

Got started today, bottom plate and clamps are done, sliding plate should be done early next week.

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Nice. Do you have your own machine shop?

I have a small setup at home, hoping to grow it into something full time in the future, this piece was on the CNC at work after hours.

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Top plate roughed in.

Top plate semi finished.