Blistering Mojo Tires

Fist time running Mojo’s (softs) for the Rotax series. I keep folding over the soft sidewalls on the rears during high-G corners and I think that action is blistering the inside shoulder-. Running around 8.5 to 9 psi currently, going any higher to support the side walls and they are cooked in 8-10 laps. I’ve have yet to babies tires like this. Swap over to a used set of LeVanto and it was day and night how hard I could get after it and shaved a significant chunk of time. The LeVanto were more akin to the MGs I’m use to running.

Anyone else experience this? Is it just me or do you have to softly load the tires to keep them in one-piece? Thanks

I ran Rotax with Mojos but it was in 2014, I think the compound was D3. They were not a fun tire. You had to sort of baby them and not slide the tire at all. I would characterize it as precise driving, right at the edge of sliding but not over. A bit too much oversteer or a brake lock-up in just one corner would cause the tire to get greasy and lose grip and slow down. The tire would come back by under driving a lap. When track temp was decent, I’m guessing over 100 to 110 F, I’d be running the OTK MXC wheels. Tire pressure maybe as low as 9 but I might have run closer to 10 or 11 but I don’t remember.

I’ve run the PKRA track several times, it’s one of my favorites.

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Which mojo are you running? D5? I’m never able to run lower than 11.5

Do you get to choose your tyres?

This is what I’m finding that it takes a lap to a lap and a half to get them back working which will be difficult in a race. Currently running MXJs since MXCs are so hard to get, but should have a set for race weekend.

Correct. D5s and that is the mandatory tire. Anything over 10psi and tires are toast in 10 laps. Drop pressures to reduce the heat and the sidewalls start working hard also overheating the tire.

I’ve never had any issues with the D5, although maybe correct in having to baby them a bit I never noticed, that’s how I drive anyhow hahaha. I tried 9 psi once it was horrid.

Made some setup tweaks and worked on the loose nut behind the wheel this weekend. Track was pretty fast and rubbered up. Saw some improvements on the tire performance. Tried increasing pressures a bit, but tires still fell off after lap 6 or 7. Just have to attack corners differently and avoid any sliding.

To go fast with the Mojos, the kart has to be working correctly and not flat sliding. This is true for all tires but the Mojos seemed to be especially sensitive to this. Work on not sliding the kart on entry and get it to roll. It’s tough to go fast, yet go slow. I also think the current generation of OTKs don’t like to be driven with zest.

The kart should be rolling through the esses at PKRA without sliding.

I’ve almost mastered the esses and hitting the last one just right to setup for the hairpin. It’s definitely a very flowing track and you have to drive that way. Almost have the track figured out and now I find out I have to learn it in reverse… Saturday is CCW and Sunday is CW.