Brake Feel and Consistency

I have a Ricciardo AM-29 for the Sr 206 class and am having a hard time with consistent braking. My brake pedal has very little feel to it. Right now I usually hit my mark on the track and brake to the point of lockup and slowly ease off to ensure I am braking hard enough. However, this gets much more difficult once racing someone for position. Even when hot lapping I can easily have a four tenths fluctuation in lap time just from how I brake in one zone. Looking at my Mychron data the heaviest braking zone is where I am missing consistency.

What can be done to add more feel to the brake pedal? Are there any systems known for having a good feel that I may be able to swap in? I believe a brake pedal where you can feel the amount of pressure you are applying would help a lot.

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Have you tried bleeding the brakes?

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Hey Kyle!

I remember this coming up before. Have a look and this and let us know what you found useful.

I have a Birel, so basically the same. (My Kart has a 4 pad rear caliper). When i switched to it I had a similar issue.
When I braked it felt like they were either on or off. I changed to what I thought at the time was a harder brake pad compound (it wasn’t) and it improved.
I then wore out the disk (all the machined marks in it were gone) and replaced that, along with the pads, to the hardest pad and it made a massive difference for feel.

Birel (freeline) pads are
Black = Hard
Silver = Soft
Copper = Super soft
Basically what changes is the amount of copper in the pad material. The more copper the softer the pad.

The disk also apparently has some sort of coating on it which when worn off also changes the feel. So when I had worn out the disk and changed to a softer pad it made a difference, but I cant tell you why.

I would check which pads you are using, ensure your disk is in good condition, and make a change to the pads to see which you like.
I have been told that the copper coloured pad is only used for KZ front disks but that could be wrong as I have never used them.

Another thing you could try is changing where on the pedal the brake cable/rod attaches, higher up the pedal the more force is required to achieve lockup.

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