Brian Madsen's Electric Kart Project

We are totally new to the hobby.

This is going to be a project over the next couple of years. This is from our first test on track the other day. We have made a “bolt on system” for the motor/drivetrain, that fits a standard gokart chassis.
At the moment the battery sits the same place as the petrol tank. In a 3d printet enclosure. In the next version I plan to make a split battery , so some of the weight is going to be on the left side.

We also both have bought a TAG kart to compare. But damn all that work everytime after a race. Rebuilds etc. Electric is so much more simple.


Interesting. Those cells are on the heavy side, energy density wise, but possibly cheap depending on where you buy them. Well done so far!

Yes… But have many many cycles , and do not burn as easy as lipo.

I did at test with 21700 Molicels (20s6p). That didnt go very well. For me now, its either lipo or spim08hp that i’m using right now.

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@Silverline I broke this off into a separate topic so you have your own space to talk about it. Looking forward to the updates.

Sorry for hijacking the thread.
But I have No plans for a build thread right now. Feel free to delete this topic.

I’m sure lots of us would love to follow your progress so hopefully you’ll change your mind.

I didn’t think of It as a hijack moreso figured it was deserving of its own topic because it’s a cool project.


90mph was the maximum speed? It seems to be very quick comparing to a shifter kart once it is just a single gear.