Buy everything . Make offer. Located Anderson SC

Continuing the discussion from **what is this worth? Help:

Make me a offer. Will throw this in. I know nothing about this

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Did….did you….tape with electrical tape over the massive crack in the frame in the waist from the previous post?


Good luck with ̶g̶i̶v̶e̶a̶w̶a̶y̶ sale.

OP stated he “had a chance to buy this” in the other thread, so that was the correct assumption.

So OP did you buy this and now you’re trying to flip it? I think it should be clearly noted the frame is completely broken for those who don’t see the first thread.

This feels a little shady but lets reserve judgement for now.

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You’re right, I glossed over that bit…I’ll edit my previous reply to dial the drama alarm back a notch :face_with_peeking_eye:

The new pics are in the same location as the “have a chance to buy this” pics. I’m confused here as well.

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