**what is this worth? Help

Yeah i have chance to purchase this. Im wondering what is this worth and it worth it??

Help me!!! What is this worth and is it worth fixing . ( the last picture is frame re-welded)

Are you looking for a spare frame? It’s hard to put a value on a spare frame like this. If it’s been recently put on a flat plate to verify it’s square it might be worth something.

Generally though restoring even a complete kart can be a challenge enough….

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In my personal opinion, its not worth anything. I know people who have repaired cracked frames and they usually never feel quite right, this isn’t cracked, its completely broken in half. If it were me, I’d only take it if it was free, and then only use it as a backup frame.


I’m with the $0 crowd on this one. It’ll take a lot of money to make that thing complete and then it may not even be right.


I have been welding since I was 12 years old now 60 … And have been fabricating frames for street rods and harleys for years… The welds are chicken scratch. And are they slugged and plug welded ?? Would not use this frame … I have to agree with them >>>>> And some of that metal is just not chrome moly or hot rolled steel … Different ingredient in metal make up need to know that before the person welded it… Just not MIG weld it … GOOD DIRT RACING FRAME THOU still sketchy thou…


If you want something to play with and you have the parts, put it together. That’s a nasty break though - we repair a lot of karts and that’s a break I’ve never seen.

Otherwise it’s a great parts kart.

I couldn’t in good conscience sell that frame to anyone. I’d have stripped it down for parts and binned that frame.


Ok I just saw the crack, I was half asleep when I last looked.

Hard pass :laughing:
That thing is done. The only racing finish line for that thing is the trash

If you can get everything in the pics for $100 you could sell off the carriers and brake disk.

But the frame, just because something can be fixed doesn’t mean it should.

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It would be nice as a sim setup base! But yeah broken is as broken does. We do say buy used, and that some welds are ok, this is past that, alas. The previous owner managed to extract all the value. :sunglasses:

Also, note to folks on budgets wondering if assembling from parts is cheaper… it’s generally not. Unless you can source all the parts “used” you will be spending as much as new to buy brakes, wheels, etc. (at least that’s what I’ve observed). If possible, get a roller (complete minus engine) or a complete kart that’s seen a couple seasons of racing but is still “race ready”.

I’ll pile on…
The frame is through cracked on a main tube in the MOST CRITICAL area for flex of the chassis. Flex is what makes these things work on the track.
It is 100% not straight with that split. Even if it were straight and you attempted a weld, the finished product will not respond to left vs right loading the same and will be an nightmare to tune. And even if you fixed the frame, you have how many seat strut dobber welds on it? 6 of 7 attachment points. Those welds will crack again.
Tthis has clearly been rode hard and is not salvageable. I wouldn’t even use it as a free backup frame.

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Never before seen a frame cracked at this location. It can be repaired but it wont be 100% so I am going to say it has zero value. IMHO.

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It was going so good until I saw the crack.

Could you weld it? Yes. Would you want to drive it? No.

It sucks but the reality is that this frame is dead :frowning:

Yep, the first 6 welds I was good with. That seventh was a doozy. :smiley:

I didn’t see the other welds until now! YIKES.

I have to agree. Most of us that have race hard on an OTK for long enough have broke a seat strut but this guy broke it in 7 different places. I sure hope Allen is ok…