Cam Mount Modification

I purchased the $18 mount on Amazon some guys are using (TJ, I remember). I didn’t have much luck as I could not get it tight enough to keep it from moving during big hits on track. So I drilled the aluminum “pinch plates” at the ball heads, tapped them, and added grub screws. It worked great so I thought I would share. I had to drill shallow holes in the plastic ball heads to lock it into place which defeats the adjustability so I had to be careful it was positioned perfectly. I’m still
I a little weary of those plastic ball heads breaking at the narrowest point between the ball and mount. I’ll probably order some aluminum ball heads and replace them.


Someone on here turned me on to it - I’ve now run a dozen sessions with the Tackform camera mount solution and it has been perfect.

Please find attached pictures of the setup. I replaced their hand tighten knobs with M6 nuts. I then applied pink bolt paint to make it easy to tell if any of the nuts have come loose and they remain tight.

The solution I’m using is the following:

Arm: Headrest Camera Mount | 10.75" Modular Omni-Directional Arm | Locking – Tackform

Camera attachment: 20 Series Action Camera Mount for GoPro and More – Tackform

Camera housing: Aluminum Protective Housing for GoPro Hero 9 – Tackform

There is a similar housing available on Amazon: Gurmoir Metal Case for GoPro Hero 12 Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Black, Strong All Aluminum Protective Housing Video Cage, with 2 Cold Shoe Mount for Mic and Led Light, with 52mm UV Filter, Lens Cap

This helped me stop having issues with the plastic fingers breaking. The only downside is that since the fingers don’t flex you have to really crank down on the set screw to keep the camera from moving/slipping over bumps.

Just for my personal edification…

Which series require the side mount ram arms like this?

SKUSA and USPKS or is it also in the amateur world?

I know they’re expensive, but I will continue to tell anyone and everyone I can:

If you can afford an Odenthal (camera mount or engine mount), buy it and you will not regret it.

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I lost a camera when a plastic ball broke

My original location was not good - mainly recorded my left elbow. So I tried something different with some scrap 1” aluminum tubing and a couple of clamps. I’ll see how it works tomorrow.


Harjit, that mount looks really nice! And the price is right. If my latest mount doesn’t work out, I’ll definitely get one of these.

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It is a bit more expensive than this solution (but less expensive than the Odenthal solution), but I’ve not had any issues with a RAM setup.

Here is what I use:

  • RAM Mounts RAM-B-408-75-1U Torque Medium Rail Base with B Size 1" Ball

  • RAM B Size Double Socket Arm Long

  • RAM B Size Double Socket Arm Short

  • RAM B Size GoPro Ball Adapter

I have this clamped to the left seat stay on my Kosmic kart. I ran a thin safety cable from the stay, through the arms and up to the GoPro mount bolt just in case any part of the system fails. But, I’ve had zero issues with this setup.