Can indoor karting help technique?

(Daniel Eddy) #1

Hey guys, I’m still saving and working to build my own VLR chassis with an LO206 motor. In the mean time I still want to continue to try and improve as a driver. I have a K1 facility close by and an outdoor rental about 2 hours away. Do you guys think rentals and indoor karting can be beneficial to a driver working on their technique relative to the cost to do so? I want to get better, but I don’t want to waste money on a craft that will not translate to a true racing kart. Thoughts?

(James McMahon) #2

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer:

(Daniel Eddy) #3

Oh ok! Thank you, I’m sorry I didn’t see that thread.

(James McMahon) #4

No biggie. Let us know what you conclude.