Can video games save motorsport?


(James McMahon) #1

Interesting article, although I wouln’t go so far as to say Motorsport needs to be “saved”, I get the sentiment.

The simulation is now so authentic, unlike 20 years ago when I grew up," says Brown. "Now, we have the ability for esports to be a great entry point to get a steering wheel in the hands of young - and old! - men and women around the world, to get them exposed to driving a race car.

Esports provides that opportunity around the world in all genders, all ages, all demographics, and therefore will be a great contributor to getting more fans of motorsports around the world. Not only will it develop fans - over time it will develop drivers themselves because of that realism. Right now you ask the current world champion where he started, and he’d say go-karts. In 10 years time, five years time, that answer might be esports

Since 1989 it’s (McLaren) backed the Autosport BRDC Award, offering a drive in one of its F1 cars to previous winners such as David Coulthard, Jenson Button and Dario Franchitti. McLaren recently announced it’s bowing out after 30 years of support - and it’s tempting to think that the rise of esports as a proving ground for new talent helped inform that decision.

(Alan Dove) #2

Well, as young karters are now also simming the idea that a driver ‘starts’ in eSports rather than karting is a moot point, they’re already doing both.

I happen to think this right now is the sim golden era. There’s this idea that simulation racing helps ‘find talent’ but motorsport has never been short of talent to fill seats, it’s the fact that it’s short of drivers with enough funds. So unless sim racing helps grow motorsport so mcuh that sponosrship becomes much easier to find I don’t see much changing. I think the oppurtunities some guys are getting right now might be the best we’ll ever see. After that you’ll have the next generation of kids who did karting AND simming.