Careers that work with karting

So I’m looking around for a new job/career and it’s almost impossible to find anything that has a schedule that would work with karting. Weekends off, day shift, pays well enough to support it etc. What careers do you guys have? How did you land something that allows you to be able to race every weekend in the summer?

My day job is as a business consultant, and I’m fortunate to have flexibility on taking time off for races.

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Psychologist and work mainly in the schools, which equates to mon-fri 8-3pm, summers off (pretty much) so it doesn’t get much better than that (don’t even get me started on healthcare benefits and pension, I feel spoiled)

Took me almost 10 years to be where I’m at (and I’m not fully done, though I am certified to be in schools… it’s weird how it works)

I have friends who have had good luck with being a mechanic in a small shop (lends to flexibility vs a dealership)

It would help to know what field you are coming from and what kinds of things you’d be interested in; age skill set, those kinds of things.

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I have a normal job with normal hours. I Have no idea where you are in life, but I have more free time in my late 40s than I did in my 30s. I was too broke to kart in my twenties and it wasn’t even on my radar till mid 40s. Just lapping a few times a year until I started racing full season in 2018.

Even then, my plan is Sunday races only and practice is done virtually. So basically 10 race days a year.

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Trophy Husband :grin:

Oh, we’re telling the truth? OK, I also work as a Technical Writer, which meets all of your requirements.


Nice! Thanks for the reply!!
So I’m 31 and have mostly done machining work, programming robots and industrial maintenance. I’ve recently decided to get away from the loads of overtime and rough shifts to find something that allows for me to do the things I enjoy. I’m working 2 part time jobs at the moment until I can find something that would allow me to enjoy life a little more. I’d really like to be able to do a whole season of karting next year but after interviewing at a couple of places they still require overtime or weekend work. So I thought I’d see how you guys do it! :wink:

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Also I would add that I’ve worked on developing sponsor relationships to increase the budget or reduce the cost that I’ve had to go racing.

I’ve written articles and other content about developing sponsorship. I think that the Kartpulse podcast with Chris Rhoad (want to say episode 16) talks about many tips and suggestions too.


Firefighter here. I work 24/48 so I usually have to burn a couple vacation days when a race happens on my work day but it works out really well for karting. Plus it give me time to go practice during the week and I generally have the place to myself.


I am 67 and earn a living as a massage therapist. I set my own hours. The pay isn’t all that great by the time I pay rent and such. So, I have to budget my expenses. I race once a month and do a couple practice days per month.
I decided to get back into karts about 6 years ago. It was the best decision I have made in a long time! Work is important. But, so is recreation. That is what karting does for me. It re-creates me.
I run at Monticello Karting in North Florida.

I’m a small business owner, which can be both awesome and horrific.
Being the boss can make it easier. Answering the phone and trying to talk at a kart track aint easy!

I think that work life balance is the most important thing regardless of Karting or not. If you are working all the time and not having a life, that’s bad for your health. We’ve all done it, but for me, I regret all the things I missed when I did it, what I had to trade to get what I thought I wanted, wasn’t worth it. 10 years of my life I wont get back.

Probably too philosophical of a discussion for Kartpulse, but I think there are huge problems with how we, in the 1st world countries value work and our own time.


I couldn’t agree more!

I actually thing it’s a good place for these kinds of discussions, they don’t come up often.
Karting should be integrated with and add value to you life in some way… otherwise there’s really no point.


Im 30, and own my own small business in the flooring trade. I choose my own schedule but when work is busy its hard to take off as some jobs i cant trust some of our workers on. Time will come when i will have more free time but im still only few years into owning my business. Worked at a company before but will never go back unless forced too. Being your own boss is a good place to be and helps with hobbies, ie. karting

I wish i was able to get out more though this year. Me not going was mainly because of weather. Had a terrible summer here.

First year for me though and bought my kart late in the season so no races just some practice sessions. Just need to work on my lap times to atleast keep up with the the guys at my club. Im still 5-7secs behind. Long way to go.