Castrol engine oil for 206?

Can I use Castrol Edge SAE 5W-20 full synthetic engine oil to break in, and run in my LO206? Briggs says you can only use their 4T oil which I read was just 5W-20. Will it run good or would I need a karting specific engine oil? Thank you!

Briggs recommends standard 30-weight oil for the break-in. I have to break in a new 206 and tossed in the Briggs 4T oil and am just using that as break in oil after searching and finding some others who have done the same.

Another thread discussing things. LO206 Break-in Oil? Racing Oil?

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Awesome thanks! So I’ll just use that to run the engine then. I’ll go pick up some 30 weight tomorrow.

This may not mean standard automotive oil. It may mean standard mower oil. I think most lawn mower oils are non-detergent. I think detergent oil is not good for slapper motors like the LO206, and most Briggs, because the slapper results in oil foaming when using detergent oil. This is all from memory and unconfirmed sources.


So since they’re splash lubricated the connecting rod splashing into the oil would cause it to foam up and not lubricate properly correct?

Correct. Compared to a pressure system where an oil pump pumps the oil through passages in the engine to get it where it needs to be.

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Add a bottle of ZDDP to that 5w20.