Choose a rib protector

Hi. Guy’s, what do you think about OMP K Style rib protector ? Maybe anyone have this model ?

Looks awesome. Everyone will tell you to get a bengio.


Broke a rib with it. Cracked in a lot of places after 6 races. Went to a bengio carbon and will never look back.

Looks cool, but get a Bengio!!

Thank’s. So, for example Astars Bionic ? SAVE_20200929_205949

I owned that. I own a bengio now.

(It was ok. A bit thin).

I didn’t listen. And bought something other than a bengio. My ribs weren’t happy.

Buy a bengio and be happy


I know the $ is steep on the Bengio. It is worth it. It’s better then the Freem. It literally has no peer.

I’ll pile on - I also owned the Bionic. Ended up hurting my ribs while using it. I now own a Bengio Carbon. No rib issues since. Definitely worth the extra $$

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I pay in PLN. I see Bengio isn’t popular in my country. Shop’s on stock have Sparco, OMP, Freem and other protector’s. A lot of your’s good reviews convinced me to Bengio. There is no better recommendation than a user command. Thank’s!

I have the AlpineStar one posted earlier in this thead and it works well for me. Only had rib issues once and it was when I first started and wasn’t wearing a protector at all.

I’ve got a Sparco rib-vest, and it works fine, but even my wife wants me to have a Bengio. :wink:

Still stand by the Bengio Kevlar protector. It has helped me get back in the kart after a 2 month healing process from broken ribs.

I think it’s an Italian brand. It is hard to find. To be fair, if you can’t get a bengio, look at freeM.

Here is a place where you can get one.

I generally look at rib vests as being pretty personal. What works for one racer may not work for another. But yeah Bengio’s product gets a lot of love from the racers here…

get a bengio. I hit a barrier sideways at 45mph, cracked and broke my seat, ribs felt nothing this is the one I have

While I have a Bengio, I also have a DeepSeat and find that the Bengio is overkill. I have been using the Armadillo Vest and have been very happy with it. However, if I were to switch seats I will probably go back to the Bengio. My complaint is the Bengio has what I would call a European fit, meaning its for more slender physiques and I have never been described as that.

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Bengio. Every live long day :grin:

Yes I used the Alpine Stars for a season, too many injuries.