CKNA SummerNationals 2024

Thought it would be fun to try and give some updates and bits of the race day!

CKNA is coming back to Pitt so I need my revenge!

Will be running 206 Medium in my Redspeed with support from Pro Kart Concepts.

Had some solid pace last year so definitely looking to have a strong weekend!

If anyone else here is racing please feel free to chime in with your experience!


Entry caps for Jr, Sr Light and Medium just raised to 74!

Will have to make the show which i believe will be the top 44

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Have to throw a new axle in the kart this week since I bent it up in the club race last weekend. But Friday practice is coming quick! Probably going to start pretty close to baseline and work my way from there! Super excited and ready to see what I can do against some of the top 4cycle guys :sunglasses:

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Good luck! It looks like it is going to be an awesome weekend. Baseline will be perfect spot to start Friday and then start freeing her up as the weekend goes along!

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Practice #2 in the books finding some great speed here the morning! Top 2 are definitely underweight but we are rolling smoothly and the grip just keeps on coming!


Hey it’s Jarsocrak! Cool! Good luck. I hope you come in ahead of the skusa pro! I’m guessing Mr Wheeler is a 4-stroke god? But .001 to 2 so that’s exciting. Huge gap to 3 considering.

I think Wheeler/brown is underweight could be wrong tho!


Ending the day P13 Overall! Pretty happy with it but I think I easily could have cracked the top 7 if I had a better partner for happy hour!

Not much changed today tried a few things but ended up still not too far off the baseline!

Stickers on for quali in the morning!


Pace is good.
Send it.

Also, @Nagisa98 you make it this year?

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Making my first “official” foray into 206 racing this weekend in Senior Heavy. Had to work today so I only got out for Happy Hour, in which I forgot to throw on my transponder. Mychron showed I had pace for ~P7, which should put us right in the action for tomorrow. But I guess I’ll be rolling off last for qualifying.

I have about a million laps around Pitt Race, so hopefully that will offset the lack of 206 experience. Looking forward to mixing it up tomorrow.

Big shoutout to @KartwerksDan for the awesome setup this weekend. I think anybody that knows Dan knows that I’ll have nobody to blame but myself if I’m not up there with the “heavy” hitters.

Looks like rain on Sunday, which will throw an interesting twist into things. Being my first CKNA event, it seems like they’ve been running a solid show and certainly draw a competitive crowd.


I see what you did there. Good luck!

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30th overall out of 60 in happy hour for me, feeling like I’m getting better each session, just the sessions are so short, I’m still struggling with a couple driving things but not bad considering it’s my first time at Pitt. Also constantly overheating the tires after a few laps so need to figure that out. Just trying to stay out of trouble in the heats.


Cool! Good luck and have fun. I’ll be having my first laps there as well this coming weekend.

You say the sessions are short. How many laps/time?

We had 3 sessions yesterday of 5 laps and then one with 6 laps but I pulled in early during one of them so I think I have around 20 laps total so far :joy:. Tough when your trying to learn a new track but it’s a lot of fun. Crazy grip.


Missed the gear by a smidge for qualifying and couldn’t get the runs I was looking for… 30th overall sitting somewhere in the top 15 for heats


U got this! Good luck with mains.

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Heat 1 in the books was able to grab 3 spots and survive for 12th. Finally was able to get the grip out of the kart and stop hopping.

Never raced on grip like this before it’s definitely a challenge!

Had to add a tooth in the rear sprocket to account for some of the bogging!

Forgot to add another element to the weekend… it’s been 95+ for both days so far. 131 asphalt temp outside the tent.

That’s the biggest challenge I’m dealing with this weekend is staying cool and energized for every session!

I vaguely remember Jerry saying something about how in super grip conditions in Brazil, the right tuning direction under normal circumstances was backwards.

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Made the show in my first 206 national! Think I had more in me but definitely drove with caution in the heats just wanting to have a good shot for tomorrow.

The grip is truly insane. I’ve been racing the club here for 5 years and I’ve never experienced the track like this. Pretty much did everything to get the grip out and still struggled with hop. I noticed how much more crucial my body positioning was in this grip and I wish I got a little lower in the seat or something to try and be a little smoother with the setup I had.

The racing is super fast and I think it’s time for Pitt “Rain” tomorrow :sunglasses::sunglasses: