Coolest, Fastest Karts from WKA Kartweek 2018 at Daytona


(James McMahon) #1

1. Fulks Dual SUDAM

Clocked at 158MPH on GPS in the past

Rick\Randy\Reg Fulks Dual 125. Clocked around 158MPH Pic by Mark Schwigen

Another view of the Fulks rocket, Joe Brittin

(James McMahon) #2

2. Rick Gilmore’s Dual Vintage Laydown

Rick Gilmore’s Vintage Dual

(James McMahon) #3

3. @Patrick_Olsen’s Dual 100 ICA “Saturn V”

Pics by Joe Brittin

Dual PCR 100cc ICA reed motors on Methanol

Side view of the rocket

(James McMahon) #4

4. Assorted B-Stock Dual100cc Laydowns.

(James McMahon) #5

5. Brian Wilhelm’s Owl\Viper Laydown Superkart.

  • Owl Chassis
  • Single cylinder 250cc Viper SK250S with balance shaft
  • Top Recorded speed: 156.7MPH
  • Fastest Lap: 1:56.1

In Brian’s words…

What fun week in warm, sunny Daytona hanging out with 3-400 members of my extended racing family!
Owl Chassis 007 and the Viper SK250S motor are a killer combination. I was extremely pleased to take 2nd place in both Unlimited races this week.

My personal best lap was a 1:56.1, with a top speed of 156.7 mph. The field was very deep both days with Johnny West, Ron Miller, Patrick Olsen, Rick Fulks, Mitch White, Robby Harper III, and others. Not to mention the big contingent of west coast superkarters that made the trek.

I did have the advantage of having the creator of the motor, the legendary Ian Harrison, in our garage. I’m incredibly grateful for his wisdom, knowledge, and support tuning this beast!

A project of this magnitude does not happen in a vacuum, as there many folks involved in getting it on the track. I’d like to thank Ian Harrison-Viper Racing UK, Christopher Lee Hegar, Hegar 4 Products, Steve McGuire- Owl Chassis, Paul Martin- MCP Brakes, Jim Russell Jr, -Jim jr Karting, Dunlop, and Rev-Clean.
Finally, a huge Thank You to WKA, Kevin T Williams, Robby Harper, Phil Clements, and everyone else involved with putting on an excellent event at Daytona!

(James McMahon) #6

6. Jim Brannon’s Gixxer Superkart

(Formerly Johnny West’s)

Originally intended to be a TaG superkart (Yes, seriously). I saw this thing at Miller Motorsports complex and Grattan and it’s gnarly.

Pic Mark Schigen

(James McMahon) #7

8. Allen Cox’s B Stock - Dual Parilla Reedjet

I’m Allen Cox and the driver/owner of the #44 WKA B Stock. I just wanted to tell you about my kart and our race in Daytona.

Driver: Allen Cox- Brandon, Ms.

Chassis: Cyclone by Rich Cervone

Engines: Twin, 100cc Parilla Reed Jets – Built by John Klutz @ Competition Karting

Race Finish: 2nd place

Our race day started with a quick morning practice only to find that a clutch oil seal had blown out at the end of practice on race day. Myself and crew began the process of removing the axle from the chassis. Upon inspection it was found we had a compounding issue requiring a more indepth repair. It appeared as if the “Daytona Demons” had bit me once again. Being the fourth race of the day, time was running short. With the help of fellow B-Stock competitor, Tom O’Reilly, we were able to complete the repairs and make it to the grid as the class was lined up on the grid. There is no way I would have made it to the grid on time without his assistance.

This may sound like a pretty cut and dry, stuff happens, kind of race. But in the garage our class is a tight knit group of friends which want everyone to be able to have a good race. But once the race starts, we all want to outrun the next guy. Saturday prior to the Daytona event my engines were stolen. When word got out of this happening, I started getting messages from fellow competitors asking what they could do. I had people from all over offering engines so I may make the weekend. That’s just how close our group is, and really, the road racing fraternity as a whole. Fast forward to Christmas Day. While in route to Daytona I received a call saying my engines had been recovered and were en route to Daytona. So all things considered, our weekend went really well despite not getting the top step of the podium.

Although I don’t really have any official “sponsors” there are several people that I have to thank for me being able to complete in this class.

Robby Harper, John Klutz and Competition Karting, High Octane Coffee

Pic Christy Kendall-Cotrell

(James McMahon) #9

7. Ron Miller’s Laydown 250

I’m calling this one “Black Knight”

  • Chassis: Don Bootes Dominator
  • Motor: 257 Rotax Hemmingway Built/Rebuilds by Swedetech
  • Fabrication/Prepartion: Doug Rippie Motorsports/ Todd Cleasby
  • Engine Tuned: by NSEW Noah Stark Engine Works and Those Dyno Guys
  • Chassis Setup: Ben Enter

On the dyno at NSEW

(Liam Sergeant) #10

A real Knight Rider vibe.

It must be a heck of a sensation hauling asks around in that sort of position. They look like real weapons!

(Bryan Hall) #11

What engine is #6 running? Looks like a 4 pot.

(James McMahon) #12

Yep it’s a GSXR. Not sure which model though.

(Charles Skowron) #13

Very nice summary James.

With stuff like this, you’re “filling in a gap”; informing the public on certain segments of the sport of karting that no one else is currently covering.

(Larry G Collier Jr ) #14

is there a speed rating on Kart tires like there is on car tires.

(Rick Brown ) #15

I’ve been looking for a new project, I wanted to build a shifter but a twin engine laydown seems like an awesome idea! How hard is it to maintain a twin? I’m assuming twice as hard as a single lol.

(Dave Mac Intyre) #16

Awesome article James. I haven’t been to Kartweek in Daytona for a few years. Looks like I need to make a trip next year.

(Christine Cottrell) #17

Rick, I think you will find plenty of help and support in either class. I can speak from experience, the B-stock/Unlimited classes are a pretty tight-knit bunch of guys and are always willing to help a fellow racer. What an amazing class! If you have your Class I license already, then there’s no time like the present to get started! Hope to see you at the track soon!

(Williambernet) #18

Love the badass Daytona aritcle glad too see
Our machines spotighted thanx !

(Chris ) #19

Wow some really cool rides!!! Looking for some set up advice or any help lol! I put together an enduro over the winter and I am looking for some general numbers to start with? I have a Comer P51 and a S4 Misi pipe! I was told 8-8 1/4 flex length, not real sure on carb high and low settings? Smc clutch, not real sure on slip? And also CHT and exhaust temp ranges for both? And what rpm should I see top end without sending the thing to the moon? Any help is much appreciated!