Correlation between rear tyres look and setup

Hi everyone,

it’s correct to say that, to understand the goodness of the rear set-up, I can see the look of the rear tires?

I’m not very experienced in setup and sometimes, when I don’t feel comfortable driving, I struggle to understand when I have to ride better or when I have set-up problems. For this reason I was told to look the rear tires:

A rough and dry tire like this indicates that the kart is sliding too much.

A smooth “wet” looking tire like this indicates that the set-up is optimal.

On the other hand, when there is a lot of rubber picked up from the ground on the tire, you have to unload the rear.

It’s correct?

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Not totally accurate. I think this topic would be very helpful for you: Learning how to diagnose tires

In most cases, the tire should look pretty smooth, with a little rubber build up in the inside shoulder.

Feathering = sliding

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